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Doublespring Pass

Doublespring Pass is one of two roads that take advantage of wide shallow gaps in the Lost River Range, in order to cross between the valleys of the Little Lost River and the Big Lost River. The other one is Pass Creek Summit. Doublespring Pass is the higher of the two by about 700ft, and passes near the area of the highest peak in Idaho, Borah Peak.

1.START-END WEST: jct US93 - Doublespring Rd
2.TOP:8320ft, Doublespring Pass
3.jct with route to Horseheaven Pass on right
4,jct with Donkey Hills Rd on right
5.START-END EAST: low point at jct FR118 - Doublesprings Rd, a few miles before reaching Goldburg


From South.
Leaving US93 a good gravel road climbs straight up a huge alluvial fan. The lower part of this road is a good vantage point onto Borah Peak, especially in evening light. A few miles up from the jct with US93 is a parking lot, where the local fault along the Lost River Range has been dug up, so that it is visibly exposed.

At the top of the pass is a single pair of switchbacks, that mark the transition between the serene, sweeping forms of the sagebrush scenery to a needle forest.

From North. (described downwards) As long as the road remains on national forest land, the surface is a little rougher.  It's a long straight shot towards the dessert floor. About 800ft below the summit a labeled turnoff to the right provides the opportunity to extend the Lost River Range scenic smorgasbord longer - by crossing Horseheaven Pass. The profile instead heads straight for the valley floor.

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Dayride with this point as highest summit:


( < Corral Creek Summit | Morgan Creek Summit > )

Doublespring Pass x2, Horseheaven Pass , additional out and back: Earthquake Fault parking lot, a short distance up Doublespring Rd from jct with US93 > up Doublespring Rd > Doublespring Pass > FR117 east > Horseheaven Pass > jct with FR118 <> out and back on FR118 south to a high point overlooking uper Pahsimeroy area > unmarked road along Pahsimeroy River (west side) north > Donkey Hills Rd north > Doublespring Rd south > Doublespring Pass > back to starting point at Earthquake Fault parking lot: 51.3miles with 4890ft of climbing in 5:49hrs (garmin etrex30 m3:20.6.22)(t20_11).
Notes: I saw exactly one car, one motorcyle and two road graders along the way. as far as vehicles is concerned. The car belonged to a forest ranger,  and the motoricycle to Brad, who told me about the days when you could ride up along the Pahsimeroi River all the way to Leatherman Pass and descend down Dry Creek. It sounds fantatastic. His loop kept going along the east side of the Lost River Range to connect to Pass Creek Rd. - The road graders were at the slightly confusing jct of  Donkey Hills Rd and Doublespring Rd. There is also a wide road leading to a ranch here that does not show up on some maps, and the grader operators were instrumental, that I didn't take the wrong route.