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FR595 Lolo Pass - Granite Pass

This summit is the answer to the question: "What does the scenery on Lolo Pass look like ?". In far less time than it would take to get me, to get a drone into operational condition, a bike ride from here will answer this question.

1.START-END EAST-1:jct US12 - Lolo Creek Rd
2.Lolo Pass
3.TOP:6440ft FR595 Lolo Pass - Granite Creek Pass
4.Granite Pass and turnoff to various roads direction west
5.profile goes right at this jct
6.START-END EAST-2: same as point 1


From South.
The profile includes the part of US12 to Lolo Pass that can be used to make this into a loop ride.

Directly across from the Lolo Pass parking lot a narrow road climbs north, in order to meet FR595. FR595 itself off US12, a few hundred yards further east.

The road climbs steeply and thanks to the logging industry, a far reaching view opens up quickly. There are islands of peaks poking above treeline all around,with a sea of rolling green hills in between.

The road itself crests in the forest at a turnoff to FR5672. I went down this way, looking first for a loop, direction south of here. I did not find a through going route. But this was a extraordinarily hot day, and the question if such a route exists, is still open, as far as I am concerned. FR5672 forks again after a while into FR5643. Both of these forks take on an "abandoned road" character after a while. According to the map they end completely. But FR5672 has a greater than 500ft elevation gain, so that I count this as a summit if approached from there.

From North. (described downwards) Along the traverse and descend to Granite Pass good views persist. Granite Pass itself is a generic place in the forest, without distinguishing natural characteristics, much like Lolo Pass. There is a pass sign however. The roads, crossing at this intersection, are well signed. The option continuing west to various creeks is said to end after a long distance. I feel, that for me at this point and time, there are no further scenic incentives visible to investigate this question further. Besides it's July and only getting hotter with lower elevations (that's actually the real reason).

The profile heads lower south on FR9942 which is also well signed. This road stays in a low, generic forested valley. The road surface can be a little difficult to predict in a downward direction. But luckily I managed to stay on the bike at all times. One more right turn at a T intersection leads back to US12, the starting point of the other approach.

Dayride with this point as highest summit:

( < Brushy Fork - Spruce Creek Divide | Marias Pass > )

FR595 Lolo Pass - Granite Pass x2 : a short distance from Lolo Pass on FR373 Spruce Creek Rd > down FR373 > Lolo Pass(shp) > up FR595 > FR595 Lolo Pass - Granite Pass <> out and back on FR5672 until it becomes passable only with difficulty <> separate out and back on FR5643 until it becomes passable only with difficulty >> Lolo Pass a second time > FR595 north > Granite Pass(shp) > FR9942 east > Fish Creek Rd > Lolo Creek Rd south > U12 west > Lolo Pass(shp) > back to starting point on FR373: 36.7miles with 3970ft of climbing in 4:42hrs (garmin etrex30 m3:20.7.25)
Notes: I met two gravel bikers on this loop - first biker encounter on this entire trip.