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FR 408 - 421 summit(u): German Dugway - Green Basin Road

The Bear River Range reaches north from northern Utah into southern Idaho. Here at the northern end of the range in Idaho, it has little of the unique scenic combination of sculptured peaks combined with limestone canyons, that makes the range so scenic in Utah. Instead it is mostly a range of tree covered hills. But far views into the valley and a great climbing workout can still be had.

1.(00.0km~00.0mi, 1545m~5069ft) START-END WEST: jct Id36 - Birch Creek Road in Mink Creek
2.(10.6km~06.6mi, 2129m~6985ft) route turns left onto German Dugway Road at crest of Birch Creek Road
3.(14.4km~08.9mi, 2487m~8160ft) TOP: road crests Bear River Range
4.(19.3km~12.0mi, 2407m~7897ft) FR426 connecting to Bloomington Canyon joins from right
5.(29.7km~18.5mi, 1973m~6473ft) FR427 also connecting to Bloomington Canyon joins from right
6.(36.8km~22.9mi, 1822m~5978ft) START -END EAST: jct Paris Creek Road - US89 in Paris


From West. The turnoff from Ut36 onto Birch Creek Road in the town of Mink Creek is signed. If approaching from the west it's shorter to take Capitol Creek Road. Mink Creek road turns to dirt at a large snowmobile parking lot and crosses into the Cache National Forest. A fairly good dirt road leads up a forested canyon and crests at a cow grate. Immediately after this summit the route turns left onto a double track trail, labeled German Dugway Rd on Gazeteer maps. There is no sign at the turnoff. This trail is very rideable - not too steep, not too rocky, with a couple of short exceptions. Views down to Franklin turn into views of Cache Valley, with Bear River Gap - the far away low ridge through which Bear River makes its final break to the Salt Lake - clearly visible. The track switches back towards the north and aims for the same gap in the range as a power line that crossed Birch Creek Road earlier.


From East. (described downwards) On this side the road is in better condition. There is an elaborate camping spot on top. From here on the road carries the number FR421 on maps and is called Green Basin Road, even if no signs attest to this. A gradual descent through pine forest leads to a high mountain park named Paris Flat. Signs point to an ice cave, in which (according to the sign) ice can be found year round and parents should watch their children. The forest slowly gives way to sage brush and is now known as Paris Canyon. The road surface turns more gravelly. This side is easier to descend than climb because of road conditions. Pavement is reached as the road rolls into Paris, located a few miles north of Bear Lake. The town has an interesting church of sorts, not Notre Dame as in the other Paris, but a historical Mormon tabernacle.


Dayride wth this point as highest summit:


Near lower end of Beaver Creek Road, located near town of Mink Creek > up FR407 Beaver Creek Road > up FR408 German Dugway > FR408-421 summit(u) > down Green Basin Road > Paris > Ovid > Id36 summit(u): Williams Canyon > Mink Creek > back to starting point: 56 miles with 4600ft of climbing in 4:55 hours (m3:10.7.31).