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Summmits are arranged alphabetically

- PAVED - Border Summit (6358ft) a low summit on the Wyoming - Idaho border with Oregon Trail history
-    MTB   - FR408-421 summit(u): German Dugway (8160ft) a great climbing workout on the Utah Idaho border near Bear Lake
- PAVED - Geneva Summit (6923ft) part of the annual Logan - Jackson ride
- PAVED - Gilmore Summit - (7186ft) a long stretch without services through fascinating dessert ranges
- PAVED - Id36 summit(u): Williams Canyon (7424ft) an alternative to Utah's Logan Canyon - if traffic is a problem
-    MTB   - Jensen Pass (7420ft) scenic ride in the middle of old fur trapper's country
- PAVED - Pine Creek Pass (6764ft) busy road on the way to Yellowstone