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A -   UNP   - Arco Pass - (7000ft) - this pass across the extreme northern end of the Lost River Range also has some of the best views on the valleys below
B - PAVED - Banner Summit (7056ft) - on the weeked commuting round between Boise and the Sawtooth Mountains

-   UNP   - Beaverland Pass - (7000ft) - a low pass on a northern rib of the Lost River Range. There is an easily missed arch in the nearby landscape.

- PAVED - Beaver Creek Summit (6063ft) - the Canyon of the Payette is the most intersting scenic feature on this forest route

- PAVED - Border Summit (6358ft) - a low summit on the Wyoming - Idaho border with Oregon Trail history

- PAVED - Brownlee Summit (4131ft) -  a climb out of Hell's Canyon into arrid Idaho

-   UNP   - Brush Fork - Spruce Creek Divide - (6480ft) - a ride into blown down matchstick forest from the Lolo Pass Rd
C -   UNP   - Corral Creek Summit - (8733ft) - perfect view point onto the Lost River Range from the other side of the valley

- PAVED - Craters of the Moon NP s(u) - (6060ft) - a tiny summit on a black cone with a far view
D -   UNP   - Danish Pass - (8520ft) - both approaches of this inconspicuous Bear River Range crossing are from Utah

-   UNP   - Doublespring Pass - (8320ft) - the lower of two wide gaps in the Lost River Range
E -   UNP   - Elba Pass (7100ft) - perfect connecting pass for a dayloop through City of Rocks Reserve

-   UNP   - Emery Pass (6130ft) - located in a favorite scenic area in Idaho: City of Rocks Reserve
F -   UNP   - FR28 Williams Lake Rd s(u) - (7570ft) - thousands of degrees of curvature lead to high point along the edge of the Salmon River Mountains

-   UNP   - FR307 Placerville s(u) - a low dirt road summit that makes loops over higher summits possible

-   UNP   - FR406 Franklin Basin Rd(sh) - shallow approach from Utah, steep rocky ATV trail from Idaho

-   UNP   - FR408-421 summit(u): German Dugway (8160ft) -  a great climbing workout on the Utah Idaho border near Bear Lake

-   UNP   - FR411 Egan Basin s(u) - (8500ft) - unpaved alternative to Bear Lake Lake Summit in Utah

-    UNP  - FR487 Squaw Creek Rd - Seven Devils Rd s(u) (6220ft) - on the way to one of the best viewpoints in the Hells Canyon area: the Seven Devils Rd

  UNP   - FR500 Oakley Rogerson Rd(sh) -1 - (7170ft) - Twin Falls area; it seems you have to live there to know the beauty of this area

-   UNP   - FR538 Oakley - Rogerson Rd s(u) - (7840ft) - a rarely visited, great American landscape, especially interesting during time of the first snow

-   UNP   - FR544 Indian Springs Rd s(u) - (6440ft) - Twin Falls area: scenic lookout route above paved Rock Creek Rd

-   UNP   - FR595 Lolo Pass - Granite Pass s(u) - (6440ft) - all the veiws missing from Lolo Pass can be had from this summit

-   UNP   - FR2028 Skookumchuck Rd s(u) - (5960ft) - a Salmon River Canyon climb on a smooth dirt road
G - PAVED - Galena Summit (8707ft) - Idaho's most alpine scenic paved pass through the Sawtooth Mtns

TRAIL  - Galena Old Toll Rd s(u) (8810ft) - trail alternative to Galena Summit

- PAVED - Geneva Summit (6923ft) - part of the annual Logan - Jackson ride

- PAVED - Gilmore Summit  (7186ft) - a long stretch without services through fascinating dessert ranges

-   UNP   - Green Canyon Pass - (6920ft) - small forested pass near Island Park and West Yellowstone
H -   UNP   - Horseheaven Pass - (7060ft) - exploring the remote east side of the Lost River Range
I - PAVED - Id36 summit(u): Williams Canyon (7424ft) - an alternative to Utah's Logan Canyon - if traffic is a problem
J -    UNP  - Jensen Pass (7420ft) - scenic ride in the middle of old fur trapper's country
L -    UNP  - Loristica Campground s(u) - (8120ft) - an out and back road to high campground in a bowl of the Lost River Range
M - PAVED  - Mores Creek Summit (6118ft) - one of the Id21 summits between Boise and the Sawtooth Mountains

-    UNP   - Morgan Creek Summit - (7595ft) - long summit road through the endless forests of the Salmon River Mountains with an interesting dry canyon on the west side

- PAVED  - Mt Harrison(ow) - (9210ft) - a scenic climb to a laid back ski area 
O - PAVED - Old White Bird Hill Rd s(u) (4420ft) - fascinating old highway near Grangeville, where the Salmon River exits the mountains, my favorite Idaho climb
P -   UNP   - Pass Creek Summit - (7641ft) - one of two wide gaps in the Lost River Range

-   UNP   - Pike Mountain s(u) (7580ft) - a "Lookout Type" mountain in the plateau maze between Twin Falls and Oakley

- PAVED - Pine Creek Pass (6764ft) -  busy road on the way to Yellowstone
S -   UNP   - Sawtell Peak Rd(ow) - (9880ft) - microwave dish on a wedge shaped mountain, adjacent to GDMBR
T -   UNP   - Trail Creek Summit (7880ft) - a very popular, partially unpaved climb from the ski areas around Ketchum
W - PAVED - White Bird Hill Rd s(u) (4360ft) - can be used to construct a partial loop ride together with the more interesting Old White Bird Rd

-   UNP   - Williams Creek Summit - (7810ft) - long road through forest and firewood cutting area in the Salmon River Mountains