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Pike Mountain s(u)

The road up Rock Creek is probably the nicest road ride in the mountains around Twin Falls. But it is an out and back ride. But - using the plethora of unpaved roads and trails in this area, opens up virtually unlimited loop ride possibilities.

Every intersection along this route is meticulously signed with a road number, which can be found on the Sawtooth National Forest map, the free version. Without these signs and the map, getting lost would seem like a certainty.

I imagine the scenic interest of this peak ride depends completely on the weather. I was lucky on this one. I happened to be here, just the day after the first light snow of the year, which transformed the landscape into a new variation of itself.

1.(00.0m,4400ft)START-END SOUTH-1: jct Rock Creek Rd - Fifth Fork Rock Creek
2.(12.9m,6570ft)jct Rock Creek Rd - FR523
3.(14.9m,7020ft)profile turns from Rock Creek Road onto FR507
4.(16.2m,7580ft)TOP:profile continues on trail to right
5.(19.4m,4400ft)START-END SOUTH-2: same as point 1


From South -1
: A couple of miles after passing the laid back Magic Mtn ski area, the pavement ends, and a maze of unpaved trails and roads start. This particular option goes up FR507, also labeled as the Pike Mountain view point.

A short steep climb leads through a short forest stretch to a gentle grassy cone shape. About 120ft below the summit of the peak a trail takes off towards the right. This is the highest point on the profile. But the top of Pike Mtn has better views and most of the included pictures were taken there.

From South. (described downwards) The ATV trail has barely any rocks and is a fast MTB ride. A short forest stretch leads to a dip at the jct with TR241. From here a short climb back up the grassy waves in the landscape is the only rocky stretch on the trail,and it is more easily walked.

TR245, then FR523 quickly lead back down to the Rock Creek Rd on smooth hard dirt, without rocks but plently of turns. This turnoff on Rock Creek Rd is not signed.

Sidetrip to the top of Slide Mtn: As already mentioned, the top of Slide Mtn is only 110ft higher, and there is no excuse to skip it, unless weather conditions or smoke obscure the scenery. The top has a small walkway with picnic benches along the 360 degree panoramic view. While I was up there, the crowds were on the adjacent grass - a herd of sheep. As far as people are concerned I was alone. All of the pictures were taken on the sidetrip

1.(00.0m,4400ft)START SOUTH: jct Rock Creek Rd - Fifth Fork Rock Creek
2.(12.9m,6570ft)jct Rock Creek Rd - FR523
3.(14.9m,7020ft)profile turns from Rock Creek Road onto FR507
4.(16.2m,7580ft)profile continues on road to left
5.(16.7m,7697ft)END NORTH: Pike Mtn -ow

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Dayride with this point as highest summit:


( < FR500 Oakley - Rogerson Rd(sh) | FR538 Oakley - Rogerson SRd s(u) > )

Pike Mtn s(u) , additional out and back : Rock Creek Canyon Rd, just north of NF boundary > Rock Creek Canyon Rd south > end of pavement <> out and back on Oakley - Rogerson Rd  with turnaround point a short distance past the jct with FR671 near Monument Peak >> up FR507 <> out and back to top of Pike Mtn >> TR245 north > FR523 west > back down Rock Creek Rd to starting point: 40.1miles with 4690ft of climbing in 4:57hrs (garmin etrex30 m5:17.9.22).
Notes: from heat to smoke to snow this year. This was not the planned route. But continuing on Oakley - Rogerson Rd there was too much snow.