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Mores Creek Summit

This is the highest point on Id21 between Boise and Lowman - also just a little higher than the nearby Beaver Creek Summit. This is mostly a pleasant forest ride, although there is more variable scenery over on the Beaver Creek Summit part of the profile

1.(00.0m,3150ft)START-END WEST:jct Banks-Lowman Rd - Alder Creek Rd.
2.(15.2m,4220ft)highest point on Banks Lowman Rd
3.(22.1m,3810ft)bridge over South Fork Payette River in Lowman
4.(31.4m,6063ft)Beaver Creek Summit
5.(36.5m,5150ft)low point between summits at Beaver Creek crossing
6.(42.1m,6118ft)TOP: Mores Creek Summit
7.(55.4m,3180ft)Idaho City
8.(65.4m,3400ft)jct with Grimes Creek Rd on right
9.(77.1m,3160ft)START-END EAST:Id21 crosses Mores Creek


From North.
The first, slightly lower summit shown on the profile is described on the Beaver Creek Summit page.

The bicyclist, looking at the map and then expecting a lazy downhill from Beaver Creek Summit to Idaho City is disappointed. The road starts climbing again. But it's short and not steep. The top has a single sign facing in one direction, a large parking lot with an intersection with various forest roads, including one to Pilot Peak, that looks interesting. The view contains forest, some far, but mostly very near.

From South. (described downwards) The fast variable descend still provides plenty of opportunity to get some more padaling workout in. Thsere are actually surprisingly numerous fairly tight switchbacks on this side (as well as on the north side). But often you don't realize it because dense forest obstructs the view of the road.

Ihaho City is a historic mining town, that has been fixed up touristically, without obliterating its charm completely. There are two expensive grocery stores and a nice library. Below here the profile is just a road in the forest, following a small stream until the road crosses the Canyon of the Boise River and starts a short climb to Highland Valley Summit.

Idaho City

Dayride with this point as highest summit:


( <  FR307 Centerville Rd | FR500 Oakley - Rogerson Rd(sh) > )

Mores Creek Summit , Beaver Creek Summit , Grimes Pass , FR307 Centerville Rd s(u) : top of FR307 Placerville Rd s(u) > GR307 west > New Centerville > Grimes Pass Rd north > Grimes Pass > Garden City > paved road along South Fork of Payette River east > Lowman > Id21 south > Beaver Creek Summit > Mores Creek Summit > Idaho City > FR307 Placerville Rd west back to starting point: 84.6miles with 7310ft of climbing in 7:30hrs (garmin etrex30 m5:17.9.16(
Notes: first ride in what used to be perfect September weather. After about 6 unexplained flats on this bike during the previous rides I had resigned myself to drive back to Boise for some slime like substance that would prevent future flats, since I can't find what's causing this. At the gas station in Idaho City a pickup driver saw me busy with the air hose filling the slowly leaking tire once again. "You got a flat ?". He spontaneously pulled a car tire fix it spray bottle of car slime out of his truck and injected my tire. And that is the reason I could do this ride. Sometimes coincidences conspire so much that it's difficult to take them for coincidences.