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France - Corsica
(highest first)

Col de Vergio -1467m: The highest paved pass in Corsica
Col de Sevi - 1103m : I bet there is a lot of great scenery up here, but it rained when I was here.
Col de Birgorno -870m: It looked good on the map, and it was better in reality
Col d'Arbitro -650 : a small road through remote villages without traffic
Belvedere de Saliccio -600m: a sidetrip near "Les Salanches" that provides a better overview of the area.
Col de Lava -480m: another name for "Les Salanches", a few km of stronly eroded rock formations with many visitors
Col de Palamarella/Croix -408m: This low pass follows one of the most scenic parts of the coast

Italy - Apennin
(favorites first)
Passo Vestito -1056m: For three different reasons, the most unusual mountain pass that I know.
Passo Giovo -1674m: a long unpaved ramble over a high ridge for which I had great weather
SP370 Cinque Terre: La Spezia - Manarola -550m: the highest point on the Cinque Terre Road
SP51 Cinque Terre: Manarola - Monterosso(sh) -300m: the lower part of the Cinque Terre Road has equally amazing sights
Passo del Lucese -580m: a small road in the Alpi Apuani, that stands in contrast to the traffic along the coast
San Pelegrino in Alpe s(u) -1639: an extraordinarily steep road on one side to a popular tourist hilltown
Pascoso - Gragliana s(u) -845m: a small summit in the maze of paved tracks, connecting remote villages in the Alpi Apuani
Pescaglia - San Rocco in Turrite s(u) -740m, same as above
Passo Lagastrello -1200m: a great way to get away from heavy valley traffic and see some nice scenery in the process
SP7 Barga (sh) -840m: a small climb to a popular tourist village
SP10 Castelnuovo - Cerraveccha -840m: This tunnel leads around Passo Vestito, helpful in the rain or to make a loop over Passo Vestito