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Pescaglia - San Rocco in Turrite s(u)

This is a small summit, that serves as demonstration what makes the riding here so pleasant and scenic. But probably the best aspect is, that it seems that there are dozens of summits like these just waiting to be discovered by riders who are just bike wandering around. And should one ever run out of two summits, there are inumerable one way climbs to 7th century churches and old villages. But the pavement is from the pleasant present.
1.(80m,00.0km) START-END SOUTH: jct SP2 - road to Pascoso
2.(283m,8.0km) profile turns right at this signed four way intersection in Trebbio.
3.(458m,10.9km) Pescaglia
4.(740m,16.0km) TOP: Pescaglia - San Rocco in Turrite s(u)
5.(590m,18.3km) road on right keeps going downhill to Serchio Valley
6.(470m,23.3km) Gragliana
7.(150m,34.6km) START-END NORTH: sp20 bridge over Serchio, east of Fornaci Di Barga


From South.
The profile starts where the riding gets pleasant, and that is after turning away from busy SP2, and heading direction Torre and Pescaglia instead. The first several km of this little road has big trucks hauling big rocks. The quarry is only a few km up the road, and they were producing artifical land slices as I went by. After that it gets quiet quickly.

The first intersection contains what seems like half a dozen names, that I still can't find on my map. But all of them have a ring to them and promise to be hidden spots in the mountains. The only thing I know about this intersection, is that the comes down from Passo del Lucese, and that is something the over a dozen of signs do not tell you.

The route continues straight to Pescaglia. The road starts to contour up towards the hilltown on the right, at the same time improving the vantage point on a village across the valley. In the distance across the valley, from my perspective it looked like somebody was watering the lawn on top of a church roof. But that was probably an optical illusion due to foreshortening, yet it gives an idea of the view.

Eventually the road winds high above Pescaglia to a panoramic vantage point of the road just climbed. The surface is covered with 200m and 500m chalk marks, signaling that this climb too has been used in bike races. A well defined top of a high peak of the Alpi Apuani appears behind the next small drop in the road, and this marks the summit.

From North. The profile descends this small dip and turns right to descend back down to the valley of the Serchio. Going straight is probably one of the most interesting places to get lost that I know of, and the chances that one will get lost are very high. More on the Pascoso -Gragliana page.

A Dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on the page: Pascoso - Gragliana s(u)