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Hrashovac Pass

This is a main road from the coast inland through the Biokovo Natural area. It has much less traffic than you would suspect from a main road (at least in November). If looking for scenery I would suggest the slightly higher, adjacent Kozica Pass.

1.START-END WEST:low point on D62 near the turnoff to an A1 interchange
2.TOP, 600m
3.turnoff to Kozica Pass
4.turnoff to road to Sveti Jure
5.profile turns down alternate approach to Podgora
6.START-END EAST: low point in Podgora


From East.
The profile starts on a low point of straight throughfare along the valley. Soon afterwards the route turns right onto D512. It looks like a small mellow climb on a supermodern, wide road, cresting in gentle dwarf forest hills. Before you get to that point there is a turnoff to a nearby deserted village. They always seem to have just one house that makes a lived in appearance.

Surprise - this not even close to the summit. Even if there is no real climbing left to be done, the road rolls over the karsted plateau, collecting small villages along the way for many kms. These give a fairly modern appearance. The actual summit is one of these rolling points.

From West. (described downwards) But the best part comes where the road crosses the last minicule saddle point on the ridge adjacent to the coast. A 90 degree right turn is followed by a succession of small turns that wind along the cliffs above the sea. The coastal road gives a different appearance from up here. From here it looks like it is running along a relatively wide shelf of land. To the north Dubce Pass marks a gap to the cliffs north.

You could just keep rolling straight into Makarska. But the profile turns right onto 6198, which is much more biking friendly, passing through a rustic village. There is an even narrower and steeper village route shown in the Kozica Pass page, which reaches a little higher and is scenically superior to this route.

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A Dayride with this point as highest point is on page: Kozica Pass