SP370 Cinque Terre: La Spezia - Manorolo s(u)

When I approached this area, I was really anxious about the traffic, because south of here, along the coast, traffic was hell. But once you are out of La Spezia this is a fantastic bike ride, not just because of the scenery, but also because of the traffic, or its bearability anyway. Continuing further north it just gets getter. The other section of the Cinque Terre road ( Sp51 Cinque Terre: Manorolo - Monterosso a Mare ) has even fewer cars.
1.(20m,km00.0) START-END EAST: western corner of La Spezia harbour front
2.(300m,6.8km) summit tunnel entrance
3.(300m,7.9km) summit tunnel exit
4.(260m,10.0km) jct with spur to Riomaggiore
5.(140m,14.3km) profile turns off terrace road, down to Manarolo
6.(20m,15.6km) Manarolo west side, the last part is a footpath wit stairs


From South.
This side doesn't really have to do much with Cinque Terre, except that the name figures prominently on the road signs. But there is more to do than just anticipate the other side. The views of the regular grid pattern streets of La Spezia, neatly laid out around its harbor are an extra bonus. The large bathtub of  a cruise ship, parked in the middle of this scene, looks like some gigantic intrusion from outer space. There are several variations of this view, which just keeps getting better as the road climbs. The road reaches a high point at the entrance to a 300 meter high tunnel. It is pretty well lit, depending on how many lamps are broken - often many.

From North.
(described downwards) After emerging from the tunnel, there is a map of the Cinque Terre area next to the road, and an ocean behind the sign, but not much else happening. But then after the first turn, bikers, mechanical and motorized alike, seem to just have to stop at the first guard rail, that offers a view of Riomagiore. Ocean cliff views follow. Below you can make out the railroad burrowing through the mountain like a marching parade of prarie dogs. The terrace road reaches a low point at the turnoff to Manorola, and the profile descends to the village

A dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on page: Sp51 Cinque Terre: Manorolo - Monterosso a Mare