Col de Sevi

Col de Sevi is one of two high passes, west of Porto. The other one, Col de Vergio, is the highest paved pass road in Corsica. Both share about 3/5 of one lower approach. Unfortunately I know more about places to get out of the rain than the scenic splendors of Col de Sevi.
1.(20m,km00.0) START-END SOUTH: jct D71 - D81, Sagone
2.(490m,12.5km) intersection with D23, just west of Vico
3.(1103m,21.0km) TOP: Col de Sevi
4.(800m,26.0km) intermediate low point on D71 at turnoff to Marignana
5.(800m,26,7km) Cristinacce
6.(920m,30.2km) profile continues on D84 from Col de Vergi
7.(350m,46.4km) upper turnoff to Ota
8.(40m,52.6km) START-END NORTH: jct D84 - D81, east of Porto, at bridge across Riviere de Porto


From South.
- ...And actually, there aren't many. The last glimpse of a peak I saw, was while approaching  Vico. After that the climbing gets pretty steep for Corsica standards. Places to get out of the rain are also pretty much nonexistent after that. The wild pigs that roam around next to the road don't seem to be bothered by the wet either. The top of the pass has open views to the south, with dwarf forest still dominating as ground cover

From South. (described downwards) The view of  Christanacce was framed by branches, dirpping in the rain. It first appears as a churchtower, next to an upside down shiphull of a mountain. There is not much (if any) business activity here, but that preserves the appealing imagery. Hotels, restaurants and supermarkets can be found after the approach joins D84 and goes through a number of towns, starting with Spelunca. Possibly the best part of the ride is still ahead - but I didn't really see that much of it on this ride. Approaching Porto, the road contours along a large limestone slot canyon. Very close, but oh so far away on the other side of the cayon, lies Vaita glues to the relatively safe upper part of the canyon. But don't let your stray pet pigs wander off the cliff below ! The road on the other side of the canyon can be used as alternate approach for the lower part.



Col de Sevi , Col de Lava: Piana > Cargese > Vico Col de Sevi > Spelanca > Porto > sp: 60.3miles with 6020ft of cllibing in 5:47hrs (Garmin etrex30 m4:14.5.19)

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