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jct 5110 - 59132 Krivi Put s(u)

There are quite a few possible summit points on the rolling ridge, immediately adjacent to the coast between Senj and Crikvenica. It is the approaches leading up from the coast to these points that make these rides so interesting. This particular short loop isolates what may be the best approach on the entire ridge. The other side is a busy main road mountain pass.

1.START-END WEST-1: Senj, north of harbor
2.jct with road along ridge, 5110
3.TOP: 2960ft~900m profile stays left along ridge
4.profile joins main road at Vratnik Pass, 700m
5.START-END WEST-2: Senj, south of harbor


From West-1.
In my opinion this is the best, most scenic, great to ride climb up to this plateau-like ridge, whatever the highest particular point you are aiming for up here. It is very confusing to find from this side without electronic aids. The best bet is to start climbing at the Plodine supermarket and then just keep on going through the residential alleyways, no matter how unlikely they seem to lead anywhere. It is actually just a couple of blocks before a sign actually points the way up.

Now the ride is smooth and wide and free of traffic and the views keep improving with every breath gasped. But the light tends to deteriorate later in the day. So the best cliff views of Krk and Cres may motivate to climb fast. Once amongst the windmills, any number of shortcuts or town detours may change the exact summit point. The highest point on this particular profile is actually a very narrow road along the ridge. It crests where the route leaves 5110 and continues along the ridge on 59132.

From West-2. (described downwards) There are some incredible views of the islands below for a few miles, as the narrow road traverses along open fields. But in my case the weather was deteriorating quickly. The last kms to busy D23 are in the forest. This ridge road joins the main road at a pass called "Vratnik". There are no signs, just a few ransacked tourist buildings. The decent into Senj is in fairly heavy traffic on a wide road, mostly in the forest. One switchback has another nice view of the cliffs below.

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Dayride with this point as highest summit:


( < 5110 Smokvica-Senj(sh)Starigrad Mirilia Road(ow) > )

jct 5110 - 59132 Krivi Put s(u): Bunica > Senj > up 5110 <> short out and back detour on 5110 >> jct 5110 -59132 Krivi Put s(u) > 59132 south > Vratnik Pass(shp) > D23 west with short exploratory detour > Senj  with sightseeing and shopping detour > back to staring point in Bunica: 32.4miles with 4040ft of climbing in 3:40hrs (garmin etrex30 m5:21.10.20)
Notes: short ride due to cold and wind up on the ridge, while the weather is just perfect on the coast.