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Poklon s(u)
(including the out-and-back climb to Vojok(ow)

Istria has one high ridge, standing high over the rest of the peninsula. It sits directly on its eastern shore and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and the Kwarner Bay. This road crosses this high green ridge, and an out-and-back summit, leads to the highest topological point in all of Istria. On my ride in mid October there was an amazing temperature difference between the top and the sea (much much colder on top).

1.START-END EAST:jct 5053 - Istria coastal road
2.profile turns left onto 5047 in Mihotici
3.Veprinac and jct with other approach to here
4.entrance to natural park.
5.TOP:jct with road to Vojok, 3150ft~960m
6.route crosses A8 express road
7.START-END WEST:low point on D500


From East.
At ~1500ft two approach possibilites meet, forming a shoulder summit. One road from Rijeka collects a number of small settlements along the ridge. The other approach is series of steep switchbacks starting on the coast in Opatje-Icici. There is more about that on this page.

Above that meeting point, traffic is pretty much a distant, unpleasant memory. The road is wide. It stays in the trees and short sections above 10 percent, like 13 or 14 are announced with a sign. The grade is extremely variable. The first view of any kind (after the ones on the lower approach options to Veprinac) comes when the road enters the Ucka Natural  Park. Rows of long Adriatic islands melt in the flat light against the sun. Two signed mountain bike routes cross here (route 6 and 7)

Signs give the impression that the turnoff to the one way Vojok summit is here. However it is a little further up, but still before the high point of the main road. The Poklon summit is in the trees without views or signs, or occasion or reason to stop.

From West. (described downwards). This decent is about as brutal as a road as wide and smooth as this can make it: very variable grade, with very steep turns. This is a different kind of road engineering, than practiced in northern Europe. There are only one or two far views of the rumpled carpet landscape below. Finally the road opts to go in a straight line north, damn the grade whatever it might be. From below the tower on top of Poklon does not look so far above as it feels, having come down from it. It is a mountain, shaped like house with a slanted roof on top.

Sidetrip to Vojok(ow) :

(pronounced Voiok) Many people walk up this road, although there is an occasional car on it too. Given all the other narrow, yet driven paved roads around here, this one is actually very wide. The road is a pleasant climb. But it stays in the trees all the way to the top. Although approaching the top, it becomes slightly shelf-like and no trees obscure the view to Rijeka and its big bay, really the same view as near the beginning, but now at eyelevel with the highest mountains behind the city.

Not until the road ends, and the bike is pushed or ridden up a short walkway along the ridge to an old defensive tower, does the view over the Istrian peninsula open up. During my visit, It was a perfectly clear day and the Dolomites to the north were a distinct different shade of blue and white than the clouds and the sky. Next to the old defensive stone tower, today there  is also an adjacent transmission tower.

1.START-END EAST:jct 5053 - Istria coastal road
2.profile turns left onto 5047 in Mihotici
3.Veprinac and jct with other approach to here
4.entrance to natural park.
5.profile turns onto out and back to Vojok, 3150ft~960m
6.TOP: Vojok 1396m

Slideshow of the out and back summit

cLiCk on image , arrows , or thumbnails to advance slideshow

Dayride with this point as highest summit:


( < 58064 Moscenice - Brsec s(u) | jct 5047-5048 Veprinac s(u) > )

Poklon s(u) , D66 Piomin s(u) , additional out and back summit: Icici > Opatija with wrong way detours > Pobri > Mihotici >  Zatka > Veprinac <> Vojac(ow) > Poklon s(u) > D500 south > Voclici > D66 east > D66 Piomin s(u) > D66 north > Brsec > Moscenicka Draga > Kraj > Medveja > Lovran > back to starting point in Icici: 62.5miles with 6560ft of climbing in 6:27hrs (garmin etrex30 r5:21.10.14)
Notes: I meant to go up the other serpentine lower approach, directly from Icici, but didn't find the turnoff, not realizing that I was actually camped on it (Opatija Autocamp). On the out and back climb to Vojok(ow), there was a nice mix of cyclists, representing almost every current branch that the sport has taken: several mountain bikers, several racing bikers, 1 electro biker, and one girl carrying up the bike on a hiking trail around her shoulders all the way from Matulji (1 touring type bike, counting myself ) - only genres missing: no fat bikers and no unicycles.


    A prime view of Rijeka and the Hvarner Bay  ^


    Vojok from the lowest part of the western approach. The transmission tower at the top is vsisible  ^