Spain -except Pyrenees

Alphabetical Order

A347 Alcolea(sh) -840m: a shoulder summit route through Alpujarra villages without tourists, heading for the only paved mountain pass road through the Sierra Nevada.

Algueda (Coll. de) -480m: a small dessert summit with view onto the picturesque Sierra Orihuela
Cabezo de la Plata (Puerto de) -380m: locally popular bike racing summit, across a badlands dessert ridge summit in Murcia

Cabo Cope s(u) -380m: small summit in a nature park along the Mediterranean - abundant picturesquely decaying old stone structures along the way

Calar Alto s(u) -2168m: a long, high and famous climb to an observatory on the plateau like Sierra de Filabres

Carretera de la Chaba(sh) -1360m: high pass through limestone mountains between Granada and the Mediterranean sea.

Carretera de Gualchos s(u) -550m: lowest paved summit in the Sierra de Lujar, directly above the Mediterranean Sea

Castro de Filabres (Alto de) -1250m: the small pass on a big pass loop, and possibly the most pleasant on the loop

Colmenar(sh) -700m: a large, popular hilltown (call it a hill city) near Malaga

Comares s(u) -720m: popular tourist hilltown near Malaga

Cutar (Alto de) (sh) -440m: low mountain pass on the Mediterranean coast; passes my favorite hilltown in this area: Cutar
El Torcal (Puerto de) -950m: pass just below the one way summit El Torcal, the most prominent mountain road summit between Malaga and Antequerra
GR3204 Pinos de Valle -830m: across from the Sierra Nevada and with great views onto them.
Haza del Lino (Puerto de) -1300m: popular cycling destination summit between the Sierra Nevada and the Mediterranean Sea

Haza del Lino - Albondon s(u) -1350m: a summit on a traverse along the top of the Sierra Contraviesa
Itr_abo (Alto de) s(u) -500m: connects two popular coastal towns: Salobrena and Almunecar; good mountain biking above here

Iznate (Alto de) s(u) -380m: a low pass located just above the old village Iznate, above the coast
Leon (Puerte de) -920m: the most popular climb from Malaga
Mirador Cabra Montes(sh) -1080m: a point on the Carretera de la Chabe with an additional unpaved approach from the most interesting side of this rugged limestone range

Moclinejo (Alto de) s(u) -600m: this pass crosses the first ridge, immediately adjacent to the Mediterranean coast, and looks down onto many small old villages
Portell de Cati -1100m: a locally famous racing pass through block shaped mountains - with an extremely steep top section
Ragudo (Cuesta de ) (sh) -1007m: a paved alternative to part of the Via Verde Ojos Negros(sh)
Santillana (Puerto de) s(u) -1350m: the most interesting road along the Sierra Nevada skirts an the old Alpujarra Village, Ojanes

Santopilar (Puerto de) -850m: the highest puerto between a whole series of possible summit points between the hilltowns Comares and Colmenar.
Vall de Ebo s(u) -540m: a scenic, popular climb above the sea on the Costa Blanca

Velefique (Puerto de) -1822m: local cyclists call this the Iberian Stelvio Pass

Venta de Chaleco - Turon s(u) -1310m: a summit on the traverse of the Sierra Contraviesa, conveniently located betwee the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra Nevada

Venta La Nades s(u) -950m: a traverse above old white villages, between coast and the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama

Venta Luisa (Collado) -1970m: a summit on the classic loop over Puerto de Velefique

Via Verde Ojos Negros(sh) -1230m: my favorite railtrail in the world
Zambra (Alto de) s(u) -730m: a narrow, curving climb, virtually without cars on the outskirts of Malaga