GR3204 Pinos de Valle s(u)

This summit traverses along a ridge between the Sierra Nevada and the coast. Like many mountain roads in the area it has hardly any cars, more curves than you might expect, and a great surface due to generous EU infrastructure expenditures. I don't think the aim of those funds was necessarily to better the life of cyclists, but they certainly have a nice roads for that purpose here.

1.(00.0km,500m)START-END NORTH: Rio Durcal crossing, just east of Restabal
2.(04.8km,710m)jct with other approach, just above Pinos de Valle
3.(12.5km,830m)TOP: point of highest elevation
4.(20.0km,330m)profile turns hard right, before reaching Guajar-Fagaruit
5.(27.1km,100m)profile continues right on wider road N323A
6.(39.3km,020m)START-END SOUTH: Salobrena


From North.
The profile starts at a bridge across the Rio Ducal o Izbor. It is the lowest point on the profile on this side, but to get here you probably have to ride down from higher points on  N323A. The map shows two obvious ways. The one I picked has a million turns and impressive views of the Sierra Nevada.

Even when every detail of the Sierra de la Chaba gleams in crystal clear sunshine, the Sierra Nevada often still has its head stuck in the clouds. But even on the lower slopes of the range there is much to see: busy villages clustered around white church towers, a variety of bridges representing civil engineering art through the centuries crossing the same ravine in proximity. Through all of it cuts a 4 lane highway in uncompromising simple geometry. Up here on this road life has more curves.

The first high point (point 2 on the profile) goes under an aqueduct and changes the viewshed to the south. But then the road starts climbing again. At the top is the first extensive view of the sea, and a few trees are starting to appear at this elevation

Next to the road stand two ruins, an old mansion, and a small castle like structure that could also have been a "butler's quarters" of sorts. These structures make the point easily identifiable from adjacent summits and point below.


      < Pinos de Valle

From South. (described downwards) The long curvy roll made me loose my sense of direction, so that in Larguit I started heading back into the mountains, rather than continuing the roll to the sea.

At the bottom the road joins a larger coastal road with a wide shoulder for cycling and cuts across a limestone canyon. Soon after the village Salobrena appears in view.

A Dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on page Carretera de la Chaba s(u)


Orgiva in front of the Sierra Nevada from above Pinos de Valle