Alto de Cutar(sh)

This summit is a little lower than nearby Comares s(u). Comares is a more popular destination. After being dazzled by the cloud display around Le Torcal,  one of the less conspicuous views in the other direction,  is of a church below, but sitting on its own private hilltop, ringed by a maze of white houses. That is the town Cutar and this pass allows a much close look. In retrospect, this turns out to be my favorite hilltop town in this area.

1.(00.0km,030m)START-END EAST -1: Velez Malaga
3.(12.3km,100m)Benamargosa and jct with route to Comares
4.(18.4km,340m)the village Cutar
5.(20.8km,440m)TOP: Alto de Cutar and jct with dirt road along ridge to Puerto Santopilar
6.(24.3km,279m)El Borge
7.(37.8km,030m)START-END EAST -2: route rejoins profile on east-1 side north of Velez Malaga


From East-1.
If coming down from the mountains on Sunday afternoon, and reaching groups of old men sitting around empty beer bottles in Benamargosa, it is possible to practically turn around and climb back into the hills where you just came from, just one ridge further west.

The road is signed as going to Cutar and it traces along the hillside in regular meanders, that a snake makes to propel itself forward. All of a sudden Cutar appears in picture perfect foreshortened form, one building stacked on top of one another, like a symbolic map. This stacked picture map would be utter chaos, if it were not for the two anchors, the church on the top, and something that looks like an arcade in the cemetery area. The yelling of children emanates from below and there are no signs of tourist businesses. This is the most authentic trip back into time along my route today. The relatively narrow empty road reaches a well defined pass soon after that. Here a concrete/unpaved track connect to the area near the top of Puerto de Santopilar.

From East-2. (describe downwards) The Mediterranean is visible between a series of Algarve cactuses next to the road, and behind several burned green ridges, shaped like roof tops. White homes are sprinkled on the ridges in a regular pattern, almost like patches of snow in the spring.

In Almachar my route turns up into the hills one last time. But I continued the profile down into Benamocarra and Velez Malaga to show the maximum elevation gain.

A Dayride with this point as intermediate summit
is on page: Puerto de Santopilar