Puerto de Leon

The climb from Malaga Centro to the top of this pass is the city's premier road bike climb. At almost any point in time, this road will have more bicycles on it than any other road nearby. Once you get out of the city, there are surprisingly few cars.

Actually there are two closely spaced summit points. The Puerto de Leon is going to be the highest point, if you descend (or ascend) directly back down to the Mediterranean coast to the west. If the route continues to the north, it traverses the slightly higher Venta La Nada s(u)

1.(00.0km,020m)START-END WEST:A7001 leaves from the coast
2.(10.0km,460m)shoulder summit point in Olas - jct with MA3110
3.(14.4km,760m)route turns off to the left, shortly before Puerto de la Bolina
4.(19.0km,900m)profile turns left onto A7000. Venta la Nades is to the right
5.(20.9km,920m)TOP: Puerto de Leon
6.(34.8km,170m)route crosses A7, before entering Malaga
7.(40.0km,020m)START-END EAST: Pasero Maritimo, Malaga


From East.
There are two routes that come up from the coast. They meet in Olias. More notes are on the Venta La Nada page. From the junction where the routes join, it is just a short straight stretch to the highest point, which is signed Puerto de Leon with the elevation. Otherwise there are no structures here.

From West. (described downwards). The view of Malaga appears for the first time at the top. It is still quite a distance to the north.The densely populated tongue of land protruding into the sea, with its countless high rise apartment buildings, sticks out like a foreign encrustation. Considering how dry and bare these hills are, it comes as a surprise, that you hardly ever see the road curving below, as seen from the seat of the bicycle. Instead the road stays mostly in forested land, and seems to keep turning right, so much so, that I completely loose my sense of direction. The explanation for this are two tunnels, where the road crosses under itself like a corkscrew.

When the road enters Malaga the traffic increases proportionally to the garbage next to the road. The curved shopping streets of upper Malaga finally become the straight main streets between high rise buildings, leading into Malaga Centro, and then there are just a few pedestrian alley ways cornering around old churches between the bike and the sea.

Dayrides with this point as shoulder summit are on page: Venta La Nades s(u)