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  Venta la Nades s(u)

This is probably the nicest climb from Malaga Centro. A number of different approaches lead here and to nearby Puerto de Leon. During the ride over Venta La Nades the views stretch in all directions, from the ocean to the rock El Torcal, and from draping white Comares to a hazy fused layer of blue on the Mediterranean. There are three relatively direct ways up this ridgeline. The profile shows the one I happened to take, which is not the most direct one, but the one that stays on the ridge the longest.

01.(00.0km,020m)START-END WEST: A7001 leaves from the coast
02.(10.0km,460m)shoulder summit point in Olas - jct with MA3110
03.(14.4km,760m)route turns off to the left, shortly before Puerto de la Bolina
04.(19.0km,900m)profile turns right onto A7000. Puerto de Leon is to the left
05.(20.5km,950m)TOP: point of highest elevation
06.(31.0km,680m)road passes through Colmenar
08.(51.0km,179m)La Zubia
10.(63.2km,040m)route turns right onto A7205 in Trapicke
11.(70.0km,020m)START-END EAST: Velez Malaga


From West.
As you reach the eastern most outskirts of East Malaga, a signed turnoff to Olias takes to the hills. The road passes some interesting grafiti and quickly becomes virtually traffic free. It's a wonder what a few curves will do to cut down on automobile traffic. But actually - these curves are especially plentiful. Malaga is maybe 20km to the west and looks appears like the inside lining of a shell shell, located between between shady black mountains and blue sea. The road levels out and traverses along the top edge of Olias. A cubist maze of white houses forms the background to an equally white church. Here the eastern most approach joins from below. It has spent most of its time in the valley.

The next section of climbing above Oleas to the Puerto de Bolina contains short, very steep sections and the Mediterranean Sea becomes on uninterrupted vista, enjoyable with every pedal. The Puerto de la Bolina is a shoulder point, no matter how you ride it. The road keeps climbing in all directions. To the right is the Puerto de Santopilar, traversing below transmission towers. But this route turns left at Puerto de la Bolina. The view is now to the north onto the main divide in the Axarquia mountains, of wich El Torcal is a part. These are large rolling landforms, crowned by occasional monolithic limestone cliff.

Soon the road runs along the top of the ridge, and it's hard to decide which which way to look, left to the ocean, or right to mountains. It's a good thing that there is virtually no traffic, otherwise you would have to watch the road.

Soon the road meets the westernmost approach to this summit point, coming from Malaga Centro, the road road over Puerto de Leon. Turing right, now just a few meters below the summit, the route is now bordered by dense forest on the Mediterranean side. But there is still more than enough happening in the scenery department on the mountain side. The highest point is near an unpaved forest service road turnoff. Otherwise there are no real distinguishing marks. The panoramic view lasts for almost the entire traverse.

SLIDE SHOW1: section Malaga - Olias - Venta La Nades

From East. (described downwards). A long rolling traverse over the top finally opens up the viewshed to the north and the town Colmenar. It lies draped in white over a ridge. Two churches form high point in town, much like the tops of tentpoles for a simple army tent. The road skirts the entrance to the town.

Past Colmenar your choice is either east or west. Both of them go downhill for a while.The way down to Casabermeja is on the shoulder of a wider, more heavily used road. Crossing Alto de Zambra is a great option to get back to Malaga.

But the profile goes right instead, on a remote secondary road for which resurfacing funds have not yet been mobiized (April/16) through Riogordo, La Zubia and Benamargosa to Velez Malaga on the coast. On a downhill roll it's easy to miss the row of houses perched high on a cliff to the east: Comares

Dayrides with this point as highest summit:


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Venta la Nades s(u) , Alto de Zambra : Malaga Este > up A7001 > Puerto de Bolina[shp] > Venta la Nades s(u) > MA3103 north <> sightseeing around Colmenar, including the two hills with the churches on top >> Casabermeja > Alto de Zambra > Malaga > back to Malaga Este: 51.7miles with 5450ft of climbing in 5:19hrs (garmin ettrex30 r5:16.4.20)

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Venta la Nades s(u) , Alto de Isnate : Malaga Este > along the coast west > Rincon de Victoria > MA3203 north > Cajiz > Alto de Isnate > Isnate > Benamorcarra > MA3113 east > Triana > Benamargosa > Riogordo > A356 east > Colemnar > Venta La Nada s(u) > Puerto de Leon(shp) > back to starting point in Malaga Este: 72.3miles with 6490ft of climbing in 6:3hrs (garmin etrex30 r5:16.4.21)

SLIDE SHOW2: section Venta La Nades - Colmenar