Puerto Haza del Lino(sh)

The Sierra Contraviesa is in a scenically blessed location. For roughly 30km it separates the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra Nevada. A road runs near the top of this rounded range and the Haza del Lino is one of its most popular road cycling goals. The Haza del Lino is close to the highest point of the road. But actually it is nothing more than an intersection with a restaurant a few other interesting buildings (more below). Sevaral summit points are nearby. The approaches described on this page, are the ones closest to the  "Haza del Lino intersection". This is also the most westerly summit on the ridge road and it has the most spectacular views of the Sierra Nevada.

I have used the pictures of panoramio and flickr contributors, as well as other web sites to illustrate this page. There are copyright notices and links  to all original pictures. My own pictures were on a computer, that was stolen at the train station Frankfurt Airport (model Acer Aspire One (serial# NUSGPAA01625101C947600F)


1.(00.0km,0020m)START-END EAST:Mediterranean coast, east of La Mamola
2.(10.2km,0770m)middle turnoff to Popolos
3.(14.9km,1060m)jct with A4131 from Sorvilan
4.(17.5km,1230m)profile turns left at Haza del Lino intersection
5.(18.6km,1300m)TOP: point of highest elevation
6.(22.1km,1100m)road on right goes to Puerto Comacho and Sierra Lujar summit
7.(35.5km,0180m)road on right goes to Lujar summit
8.(41.3km,0120m)Mediterranean coast in Castell de Ferro


From East.
The narrow GR6204 leaves the  "Costa del Plastico" from just west of La Mamola. The road climbs in narrow tight curves on excellent pavement above the geometric patterns of the greenhouse landscape, following a minor ascending ridgeline, perpendicular to the main ridge. You get higher closer to the Mediterranean Sea than any of the other paved approaches in this area.

To me it is a strange looking scenery, that I have to get used to, but in retrospect I became very attached to it. On the countless curves of the lower approach I see just one car. A woman gets out and takes pictures.

As the views get ever better and cover more blue, and more shades of blue, the geometric patterns change. Now the square grid pattern of almond and other cultivations dot the landscape like the pattern on a screened image. The road passes by Popolos. I seem to remember a very narrow stretch on this next serving of spaghetti salad turns. Then the road meets up with another approach coming up through Sorvilan. Here the profile turns straight east. This is the best vantage point on the Sierra Gador and the clouds mystifying its summit, that I have seen on this trip. Unfortunately the pictures are on a computer that was stolen.

Running close to the rounded ridge, the road is now further away from open views of the Mediterranean, and still not on the ridgeline itself. Here the scenery is dominated by grid pattern fields and the forest that was allowed to remain around it.

 copyright: Flickr contributor; Wouter de Ruyk   piclink

Approaching the Haza del Lino, it turns out to be just a restaurant at a signed intersection, with a few additional houses and a handful of parked cars. Turning left or right here leads as close along the top of the ridge of the Sierra Contraviesa as you can get on pavement. This option turns left.

Immediately after the turn, a pruned old tree is the most photographed subjects along the route. The many photos on flickr, google earth and other photo web sites are evidence. I too photograph this tree in about a dozen variations, with my bicycle as fore- middle- and every other imaginable- ground. But since these photos are no longer with me, I am going to try to use some from the web to show off this great spot. A nearby ruin complements the tree perfectly.

The true summit is a short distance further up the road - a very inconspicuous point in the forest, very difficult to determine the exact highest point. There is actually another Haza del Lino sign up here. But, according to the gps, It too seems to miss the highest point by a short distance.

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From West.
(described downwards). The best part of this ride is still ahead. It is the narrow last part of the Sierra Contraviesa before the profile turns back down to Robite and the coast. The ridge is bare. Nearby trees, formed into wild shapes by the wind, provide the foreground, for a ridge crowned in white on the right of the road. Straight ahead a rugged one way road climb leads to the top of the Sierra Gador at 1850m. At the point in time I am here, the ridge is decapitated by a blanket of clouds. On the left side of the panorama an amazing set of serpentines descends down the breadloaf to the sea. At least I still have the pictures in my head.

This is not the only way down, but the logical way down for a dayloop. Alternatively, staying right at the next intersection goes to the Puerto Camacho (1125m) and descends in direction of the high Alpujarra villages.

Dayride with this point as highest summit:

( < Venta del Chaleco s(u) | Haza del Lino - Albondon s(u) >)
Haza del Lino(sh) x2: out and back starting about 6km north of Adra on AI6300 <> Adra <> la Rabita <> la Mamola <> up GR6204 <> Polopos <> Haza del Lino(sh) <> Puerto Camacho(shp) <> turnaround point at a scenic road turnoff more than 100m below the summit. (r5:16.4,5)
Notes: gps data is on stolen computer

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