Alto de Moclinejo

This well defined pass crosses the ridge directly adjacent to the Mediterranean sea, above the village Moclinejo.

1.(00.0km,030m) START-END EAST: Velez Malaga
2.(06.4km,130m) Benamocarra
3.(15.4km,200m) route stays right, passing Almachar
4.(20.4km,600m) TOP: Alto de Moclinejo
5.(23.7km,500m) road passes town Moclinejo
6.(29.8km,150m) Benagabon
7.(35.0km,020m) START-END WEST: Rincon Victoria


From East.
The description starts at point 3. The "Route of the Grape" is a loop described in tourist brochures that also makes an excellent bike ride over four low coastal passes. If traversed in a clockwise direction, it turns uphill one last time in Borges. It passes Almachar and climbs to the top of the Alto de Moclinejo with many views back onto Comares. To the east the mountains the mountains recede steeply down to  the Mediterranean sea. The top has patches of trees, something fairly rare in these ridges adjacent to the sea in this area

From West. (described downwards) On top is the last view of a landmark ridge to the north: El Torcal. Looking down the other side, the white patches between here and the blue hazy sea are not all just solitary houses, some are clustered together into dense village space. The first village is Moclinejo. But the buidings change appearance ever more as the road descends. They are still white washed and clustered together like a honey comb. However the organic patterns of houses, built individually and long ago, is slowly replaced by modern, simultaneously developed cookie cutter condo structures. You can observe the transition with every meter you roll closer to the coast. I find many of these still very picturesque, but in a "let's populate Mars"  kind of way. All the traffic around here seems restricted to the coastal road.

A Dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on page: Puerto de Santopilar