Barlow Pass -2361ft- -pvd- the "Mountain Loop Higway" between Darrington and Granite Falls has an unpaved section over the top; can be very busy during the summer

Blewett Pass -4102ft- -pvd- wide, busy road through forest - thank the god of bicycling, that there is a shoulder

Burpee Hill Rd(sh) -1140ft -pvd- a pleasant little hill without traffic next to the North Cascades Highway vacation artery
Canyon Ridge Trail -1 s(u) -5400ft -trail- a tough hike and bike route next to Mt Baker Hiway in the North Cascades

Cayuse Pass -4675ft- -pvd- the third in a list of three paved (two way) summits on Mount Rainier. But this one has an optional side trip to the highest paved one way summit on the mountain

Chinook Pass -5430ft- -pvd- a great vantage point onto Mount Rainier. This pass reaches 10ft higher than the highest two way summit on Mount Rainier
Elk Pass -4080ft- -pvd- a gentle, but very long climb without traffic, and with a few great views onto Mount Saint Helens
FR43 Blackpine Lake s(u) -4160ft- -unp- a campground around a lake, ringed with forest and distant mountain peaks waits on top

FR53 Mud Creek s(u) -2850ft- this dirt road was the missing link for my ride over Slide Ridge

FR99 Bear Meadow s(u) -4110ft-  next to Mount Saint Helens, and a way to get away from possible traffic. It doesn't get any better.

FR5080 King's Lake Rd - Halfmoon Lake Rd s(u) -4920ft- -unp- a dirt road climb through industrial logging industry devastation, very educational

FR9712 Table Mountain s(u) -6030ft- -unp- this high plateau above Wenatchee shows off the transition between dessert and rain forest

FR9718 - 9712 Wenatchee Mountains(sh) -4120ft- -unp- this minor summit shows up in some loop ride possibilities

FR8410 Slide Ridge s(u) -6120ft- -unp-  high above Lake Wenatchee in the Chelan Mountains
Hart's Pass -6180ft- -unp- at the top is a short out and back to the highest road in Washington: the fire lookout on Slate Peak
Junior Point s(u) / Shady Pass -6540ft- -unp- high pass between Lake Chelan and Entlat River Valley
Loup Loup Pass -4020ft- -pvd- part of the published Northern Tier Route touring route. On an east west ride you catch the first glimpse of the high North Cascades from just west of the summit
Old Blewett Pass -4080ft- -pvd-This alternate section does more than make "new" Blewett Pass bearable. It makes it very enjoyable
Paradise s(u) - 5420ft- -pvd- highest two way summit on Mount Rainier
Rainy Pass -4600ft- -unp- a dirt road climb between Lake Wenatchee and Stevens Pass

Rat Trap Pass -4170ft- -unp- a isolated, partially closed road through deep northwestern forests and peaks high above

Sherman Pass -5587ft- -pvd- highest pass, that is kept open year round in Washington; part of the Northern Tier Cycle Touring route
Snowqualmie Pass -3000ft- -pvd- next to the busy I90 Cascade crossing is a great road biking route.

Snowqualmie Tunnel(sh) -2600ft -unp- a long unlit tunnel at the top leads to a popular scenic rail trail

Stampede Pass -3680ft- -unp- what looks like an interesting stategic connection to Snoqualmie Pass turns out to be something else.
TR216D Abraham's Trail s(u) -4860ft- -trail- this popular trail on the slope of Mount Saint Helens gets lots of publicity and a corresponding amount of mountain bikers
Wauconda Pass -4320- -pvd- dessert valley lead to a gentle forested top on this part of the parade of US20 passes across Washington

Washington Pass -5460ft -pvd- the most popular and scenic part of the North Cascades Highway

White Pass -4501ft- -pvd- I was lucky enough to get some great distant views of Mount Rainier from this otherwise busy road