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Loup Loup Pass

Adventure Cyling's Northern Tier route" follows Wa20 across much of Washington. Following this route east to west, this pass - after many miles of forest cycling - gives the first views of the Cascade Mountains. Of course the weather has to play along. In the summer this can be a fairly busy touring route. And since there is really not that much to see, talking to fellow bikers sometimes can become the central part of the ride.

1.(00.0m,0860ft)START-END EAST: low point on US20, just south of Okanogan
2.(06.5m,2190ft)jct with road to Leader Lake on right
3.(16.5m,4020ft)TOP: Loup Loup Pass
4.(26.9m,1600ft)START-END WEST: jct US20-Wa153, east of Twisp


From East.
Somehow the initial climb out of the Okanagan valley speaks of interesting scenery. It is a promising start on a good shoulder. Then a historical sign talks of sheep and the wars between the newly arrived "sheep-men" and the "cattle-men". ... and we thought we had problems today.

But the road soon enters the forest again, and the cyclist who yearns for far views (like myself) has to be content with staring at millions of trees. As soon as the road gets a little steeper the shoulders disappear too. The summit has a sign, and clear cuts in nearby forest testify to the nearness of a ski area. The big attraction of the summit seems to be separate parking areas for skiers and snow mobilers, so that the two tribes don't get into fights ... like sheep-men and cattle-men.

From West. (described downwards). After a roll of 500ft of so, it turns out there is scenery after all on Loup Loup Pass. You have to climb an embankment to peer over the blackened trees, but clearly there in the distance the Cascade Mountains peak above the grassy hills, and it is is quite a spectacle.

The road seems very steep going down. This seems to be mostly due to the fact that the road builders had an aversion against putting turns into the road. The profile also does not seem to show this clearly. Climbing back up it, the small cogs only get used when carrying heavy touring supplies. There is no shoulder to speak of, and traffic can be more than "light" at times. Twisp has a strip mall, catering to hit and run tourists, with prices, convincing me, that actually many things in life are actually totally unnecessary. ... also a nice town park for a bring-your-own-picnic by the river.

Dayride with this point as highest summit:


( < Wauconda Pass | FR8220 Cooper Mtn Rd > )
Loup Loup Pass x2: Leader Lake > jct with Wa 20 <> out and back east to outskirts of Okanagan << <> separate out and back <> top of Loup Loup Pass <> turnaround point Twisp with several miles of exploring roads near town.: 67.3miles with 6620ft of climbing in 5:59hrs (garmin etrex30 r4:17.7.21)
Notes: Another day of speaking to cyclists on the "Adventure Cycling Northern Tier Route". Traveling east I met software man Jaiman from Delhi, India (picture on top), seeing how far east he will get in 5 weeks. After that a Dutch couple riding Hollandbikes with encased geartrain and 14 speed hub gears (pictured below), among other things. Out of 5 bikers on this route only one was American so far. I find it amazing that people would still want to visit here in the age of Trump. Why not go to another despotic country instead, like Turkey or Russia ? - a "pleasantly not too overly hot day".

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