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Stampede Pass

Stampede Pass runs roughly parallel to Snowqualmie Pass and its bike trail. On the map it looks like it would be a great unpaved day loop. But - as is often the case, the forest service does not approve of this. The road is closed on the west side. The only consolation is, that this is an ugly and uninteresting area, during my visit made even more so by a thick blanket of acrid smoke from forest fires.

1.(00.0m,2400ft)START-END EAST:low point, just past jct: Stampede Pass Rd - I90
2.(00.9m,2500ft)Iron Horse Trail crosses Stampede Pass Rd
3.(04.1m,3680ft)TOP: Stampede Pass
4.(09.2m,2000ft)jct with FR50 on right, a possible loop
5.(12.8m,0770ft)STOP-END WEST:road closed, just after jct with FR53


From East.
On the east side the split between Snowqualmie Pass and Stampede Pass occurs fairly high. The profile starts at the junction. The beginning of Stampede Pass Rd is paved. It quickly becomes a series of switchbacks on fine gravel, taking advantage of the wide breach cut into the forest for a series of power lines.

There is a signed junction with a road to Tacoma Pass. The sign warns of a dead end and no connection to the valley in Easton. Yet another road the forest service does not approve of.

The summit of Stampede Pass is in the forest without sign or views. But maybe that's a good thing. This way you don't see all the destruction caused by large scale commercial logging. One logging road leaves from the summit.

From West. (described downwards) More switchbacks under the powerlines. Before the road is closed there are two junctions with other major forest roads, one right and one left. According to the map they do not offer a possibility to connect to Cedar Falls for a loop ride.

Soon after that the barriers and "closed road - walk in access only" signs appear, specifically prohibiting bicycling in the area. As is the custom in the US (and only in the US, as far  as I know) cyclists are lumped in with their "brethren" the motorcycle and ATV warriors. The profile ends at the road closure, even though there is much more elevation loss to be had. In a more interesting area I would be tempted to try to explore this route anyway. But here - who really cares ?

Dayride with this point as highest summit:


( < Rat Trap Pass | Snowqualmie Pass > )

Stampede Pass x2 , additional out and back : near jct Stampede Pass Rd - Snowqualmie Pass Trail <> up Stampede Pass Rd <> down west side of  Stampede Pass rd << turaround point at road closure west of jct FR54-FR52