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  Elk Pass

This isolated road runs on a high ridge east of Mount Saint Helens. The deep forest opens up a grand total of three times to reveal great views of the mountain.

1.(1110ft,mile00.0)START-END SOUTH: jct FR25 to Elk Pass and FR90 Curly Creek Rd, east end of Swift Resevoir
2.(1290ft,mile04.6)low point where road crosses creek
3.(1510ft,mile05.3)jct with FR93 on right
4.(4110ft,mile)TOP: Elk Pass
5.(2900ft,mile25.0)jct with FR99 to Mount Saint Hellens east slope on left
6.(1760ft,mile33.4)START_END NORTH: jct with FR26 to Norwegian Pass and Mount Saint Helllens
7.(902ft,mile44.8)START-END NORTH: Randle, jct US12 - Wa131


From South. FR25 snakes around the north end of Swift Reservoir in curves that seem to go on forever. The profile starts where the road finally leaves the east end of the lake and starts climbing. From now on the course of the road is straighter. But It's still a long, isolated climb in deep forest. As the road climbs you can make out the outline of Mount Saint Helens through the trees. Leading along the broad traverse at the top, a total of three spots allow good views. The summit is also a trailhead for the Boundary Trail. There is no pass sign. But the pass is identified in roadside maps in Mount Saint Helens National Monument and in de Lorme Gazeteer maps

From North. (described downwards) The other side has just as many sloughs to negotiate as this side. But going downhill their presence suddenly becomes more apparent. They come up to the front tire much faster on this speedy descent. About 200ft below the top there is a good far view of Mount Adams. To get to a scenically more interesting area, turn left to the FR99 Bear Meadow viewpoint. But the profile descends towards Randle

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TR216D Abraham's Trail s(u)
FR99 Bear Meadow s(u)