B - PAVED - Beartooth Pass - (10940ft) - Much of the road is in Montana, but the summit just happens to be over the border in Wyoming

- PAVED - Big Hole Pass - (7360ft) - a ride through wide open southern Montana rangeland

-   UNP   - Big Hole Pass - (7040ft) - CD crossing in a low part of the Beaverhead Range, parallel to Chief Joseph Pass

-   UNP   - Big Sheep Creek Divide - new name for historical Medicine Lodge Pass
C - PAVED - Chief Joseph Pass - (7251ft) - relatively recently constructed road through the forest

- PAVED - Colter Pass (8066ft) - road through Absaroka mtns between Beartooth Pass (Wy) and Cooke City

-   UNP   - Flathead Pass - (6920ft) - pass in Bridger Range near Bozeman, with two very different approaches

- PAVED - Flesher Pass - 6129ft - great climb to a summit with a view towards a huge roadless area
F -   UNP   -  FR290 shoulder summit: Broomtail Ridge - (8759ft) - more ways to get above treeline in the Gravelly Range

-   UNP   -  FR290 summit(u): Monument Ridge - (9587ft) - a long ridge ride in the Gravelly Range, my favorite ride in Montana.

-   UNP   -  FR485 Marsh Creek Rd s(u) - 7020ft - GDMBR summit near the famed Lucky Llama Ranch

-   UNP   -  FR606 summit(u) French Creek - Thief Creek Rd - 8840ft - a high road in the Pioneer Mountains

-   UNP   -  FR5621 Como Lake Rd - (4760ft) - small summit in the nearly roadless Bitterroot Range with a pretty lake at its foot
G -   UNP   -  Gibbons Pass - 6945ft - This peacefull dirt road is one one of the most historically interesting passes in Montana.

-   UNP   - Hyalite Canyon(ow) - (7150ft) - partially paved, shallow climb to several Gallatin Range trailheads
L -   UNP   -  Lemhi Pass - (7378ft) - where Lewis and Clarke crossed the continental divide is a popular mountain bike touring area today.

- PAVED - Logan Pass  - (6646ft) - better known as "going to the sun road"; probably America's best internationally known pass for cycling tourists. In spite of this, cyclists are heavily restricted during what time of day they can cross.

- PAVED - Lolo Pass - (5233ft) - long forest hills route across the CD between Montana and Idaho canyons with a long history

-   UNP   - Lone Tree Pass - (7650ft) - route finding problems are rewarded with superb views onto the Centennial Range.

-   UNP   - Lost Trail Rd s(u) - (7330ft) - forested road connecting Gibbons Pass and Lost Trail Pass
M - PAVED - Mac Donald Pass - (6320ft) - four lane highway west of Helena, good shoulder on 2 lanes on the other side

- PAVED - Marias Pass - (5213ft) - perfect pandemic Montana road ride conditions -  much traffic at other times

-   UNP   - Medicine Lodge Pass - (7841ft ) - historical crossing of the Bannock Rd - spectacular, high, open mountain park

-   UNP   - Medicine Lodge Pass Rd via Cabin Creek Rd(sh) - (7700ft) - high point on a loop on east side of Medicine Lodge Pass

- PAVED - Monida Pass - (6890ft) - extremely shallow gap on I15 on the Idaho boundary

- PAVED - Mt287 summit(u) Ennis - Virginia City - (6920ft) - it's a mystery to me why nobody ever bothered to name this mountain pass.

-   UNP   - Mullan Pass - (5920ft) - historical road and railroad pass parallel to Mac Donald Pass, part of the GDMBR
N -   UNP   - Nez Perce Pass - 6587ft - touring route leading into the endless forests of northern Idaho and untamable Salmon River Canyon area.
O -   UNP   - Ottawa Gulch Rd via Lost Horse Creek Rd(sh) - 6840ft - access to the highest one way bikable summit in this particular area north of Helena
P -   UNP   - Priest Pass - 6050ft - pleasant forested road on the GDMBR, that has a history going back to Mac Donald Pass
R - PAVED - Raynolds Pass - 6824ft - low pass in Yellowstone area with rumble strips on the sides
S -    UNP   - Skalkaho Pass - 7250ft - long, wide dirt road through the Sapphire Mountains east of Hamilton

-    UNP   - Stemple Pass - 6400ft - smooth forested road over gentle part of the DC
T - PAVED - Targhee Pass - 7072ft - heavy Yellowstone tourist traffic over a low pass without scenery
W -    UNP   - Whitefish Divide - apr5600ft - northernmost pass on the Great Divide Bicycle Trail. From West: Eureka (2577ft). From East: Trail Creek (3800ft).