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Flathead Pass

The two approaches to this low crossing in the Bridger Range are opposites of one another in every aspect. I like the eastern side better.

1.START-END WEST: jct Dry Creek Rd - Pass Creek Rd
2.Pass Creek Rd meets Rocky Mtn Rd. It continues a little to the south
3.National Forest boundary
4.TOP: 6920ft, Flathead Pass
5.jct with alternate approach of stock trail road
6.jct with Middle Fork Flathead Creek Rd
7.START-END EAST: jct Mo86 - Flathead Pass Rd


From West.
This is a steep ATV trail, staying at the bottom of small canyon. The bottom is ridable, the top rather less. The top comes quickly and is shared with a power line.

From East. (also described upwards). A good all weather gravel road with a hint of hard surface leaves Mt86 at a sign. In the open rangeland the views of the Bridger Range are exceptional, except during forest fire season. Progress is fast on this the roller coaster road road, bouncing around between a few scenic farms. Entering the National Forest, progress becomes a little less fast, and the views of the mountains are relegated behind trees. There is an unnamed intersection, that is less of a problem when you go up this side. But coming down it actually appears to have more traffic diverting towards the north, than this approach so far. But the option to the north deteriorates into a very slow trail.

From here to the top the climb remains relatively shallow except for very short climbs. An exceptionally wide road reaches the summit, where it suddently turns into a jeep trail on the other side

Alternate Approach from East: (described downwards). Going down the northerly way at the jct mentioned above, the road becomes gradually less and less used, then crosses a creek at about 6000ft. On the other side an even less used ATV trail climbs again to 6400ft and shows no signs of ending after 5.3 miles. At this point it became too hot to follow it further down for me on this ride. But it showed no signs of ending

Dayride with this point as highest summit


( < Ottawa Gulch Rd s(u) | Hyalite Canyon(ow) > )

Flathead Pass x2 , unnamed-1(sh) : National Forest land boundary on west side of Flathead Pass Rd > up Flathead Pass Rd > Flathead Pass > jct with unnamed road <> out and back beyond a low point (~6000ft), over another high point (~6403ft) on this road to turnaround point back up at 6200ft >> down east side of Flathead Pass Rd << turnaround point at jct with pavement on Mt86 > back over Flathead Pass > back to starting point on west side of Flathead Pass: 35.1miles with 4120ft of climbing in 5:14hrs (garmin etrex30 m3:20.8.23)..
Notes: I'll consider this one a preparation ride for the real thing someday. It was so hot and hazy that you could barely make out an outline of a mountain, during yet another record fire season in California sending smoke and heat this way.