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Lost Trail Rd s(u)

Lost Trail Rd is the name given to a dirt road (on some maps), connecting Lost Trail Pass with Gibbons Pass. The point is slightly higher than any of the named passes in the area, but does not offer any additional interesting scenic views.

1.START-END NORTH -1: jct Gibbons Pass Rd - US93
2.Lost Trail Pass
3,TOP: 7330ft, Lost Trail Rd s(u)
4.Gibbons Pass
5.START-END SOUTH: same as point 1


From South.
Turning onto Mt43 from the top of Lost Trail Pass, you almost immediately encounter a dirt parking lot on the left side with a forest road heading south. The road encounters a myriad of side roads, all of which are X country ski trails in the winter, on the way to a virtually impossible to identify summit. The Continental Divide Trail also follows the first part of this road.

From North. (described downwards). After a shallow roll the road meets FR106.3, a short distance south of the summit of Gibbons Pass. You could turn right here and follow a quiet road throughthe forest towards Wisdom. But the profile turns left and and descends to Sula. Since I couldn't find any interesting pictures to take on Lost Trail Rd itself, all the pictures on this page could equally belong to the Gibbons Pass page. But all are taken from points along the profile on this page.

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Dayride with this point as highest summit:


( < Chief Joseph Pass | FR5621 Como Lake s(u) > )

Lost Trail Rd s(u)  , additional out and back : near summit of Chief Joseph Pass > summit of Lost Trail Pass(shp) > Lost Creek Rd soutn > Lost Creek Rd s(u) > Gibbons Pass(shp) > down north side of Gibbons Pass Rd > Sula <> out and back on Left Fork Rd to turnaround point at first NF campground (on right side of road) >> US93 north > Lost Trail Pass(shp) > back to starting point near summit of Chief Joseph Pass : 55.7miles with 3990ft of climbing in 5:15hrs (garmin etrex30 m3:20.7.8)