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Medicine Lodge Rd via Cabin Creek Rd(sh)

This summit point is a nice summit for an easy day ride through favorite Montana landscape on the GDMBR. It is located on the Medicine Lodge Rd to Big Sheep Creek Divide / Medicine Lodge Pass. The point only becomes a summit point, when combined with an approach up Cabin Creek Rd. The profile forms a loop completely on the south side of Medicine Lodge Pass, and traverses this impressive wide sprawling high mountain park.

1.START-END EAST-1:turnoff to Deadwood Gulch campground from Big Sheep Creek Rd
2.profile turns onto Cabin Creek Rd
3.profile turns back onto Medicine Lodge Rd, towards left
4.TOP. 7700ft
5.START-END EAST-2:same as point 2


From East -1.
When traveling up Medicine Lodge Road towards the pass with the same name, you reach a well signed turnoff onto a less traveled road: "Cabin Creek Road". This options is actually a little shorter to the pass than the main road, but will take longer anyway. The main advantage, as I see it, is that it climbs further up the south facing slopes and gives some incredible views onto a long sweeping portion of the crest of the Beaverhead range. The road often takes on an "abandoned road" character with grass covering the tracks. It crosses several unlocked gates, and there are also several unsigned junctions. Other junctions are signed with a simple arrow in direction of the through going road. Personally I had no problems identifying the less used spurs, and staying on the main track. The road merges back onto the Medicine Lodge Pass road, about 200ft below the summit. So close - you might as well take a look at that point too.

However the profile goes down from here. The Medicine Lodge Pass road unexpectedly swerves back to the north and climbs to a point that is a little higher than the highest point on the Cabin Creek Rd.

From East -2. (described downwards). This is along straight roll down an almost visually imperceptible slope - but the bike rolls fast without pedaling. After an uninterrupted viewing experience of 270 degrees of mountains, the road meets the other approach at the "Cabin Creek Road" sign

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A ridewith this point as shoulder point is on the page: Medicine Lodge Pass (Big Sheep Creek DIvide)