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Cycling Summits and Passes in Oregon

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FR16 Vista Ridge s(u) -3750ft- the traffic free, highest point of a 96 percent paved ride around Mount Hood
Timberline Lodge: Mount Hood -5900ft- this ride to a high point on Mount Hood, is the biggest completely paved climb in Oregon, that I am aware of.
FR1828 Lolo Pass s(u) -3690ft- isolated, short, completely paved loop on the west side of Mount Hood
Buck Creek Rd/ Lindy Bridge Rd s(u) -1470ft- this is a small summit in the Oregon forest. But I had no idea there were narrow isolated roads like this one in the USA
Buck Creek Rd via Soup Creek Rd(sh) -1410ft- this is a variation on the one above. But it reaches a different summit point, therefore a separate page
US30 Rowena Crest s(u) -740ft- this is really just a bump in the road. But a little climbing goes a long way in the scenery department next to the Columbia Gorge
US30 historical: Canticlear Point(sh) -900ft- another very small, but inversely proportional scenic climb, next to the Columbia Gorge
Seven Mile Hill Rd s(u) -1800ft- this is one of the higher climbs next to the Columbia Gorge
Camp Creek Road - BLM 25-7-5.1(sh) -2120ft- this is the highest point on an interesting Oregon forest loop ride
BLM 23-8-28 Elliot State Forest(sh) -2260ft- paved Oregon forest isolation, courtesy of Elliot State Forest
Salt Creek Summit -6070ft- a series of long forest climbs in the Hell's Canyon area
US101 Cape Foulweather s(u) -560ft- a tiny climb on the Pacific Coast bike route. But if the weather is not foul, the view is great.
Bennett Pass -4670ft- major highway on the east side of Mount Hood with one or two nice views
Blue Box Pass -4024ft- nondescript highway through the Cascade forest
Or35 Government Camp (sh) -4030ft- wide, busy highway to Mount Hood ski area. But this road is part of many interesting loop possibilities

Barlow Pass -4155ft- the first historic road over the Cascade Range in Oregon. Today you can get to the highest point also with two paved approaches. But one of the old historic approaches is now a dirt road.
Lolo Pass -3460ft- logging road on the west side of Mount Hood, nice views of the mountain with logging devastation in the foreground
Fairview Mountain Road s(u) -2240ft- dirt road climb above the Pacific coast near Florence, but you don't see much of the coast. Trees compensate.
FR58 Klickitat Rd s(u) -2160ft- another Coastal Range dirt road, where bicycles somehow seem smaller because of big trees
SFR2000 Scholfield Ridge Rd s(u) -1850ft- one of the higher climbs in Coastal Range near Reedsport
Luchsinger Creek Rd s(u) -910ft- small dirt road climb next to the Umpqua River, main attraction is deep forest isolation