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OR35 Government Camp(sh)

This busy highway shoulder seems to be often on a route with a different objective. The best to ride this road that I can come up with, is to ride the whole elevation gain to the Timberline Lodge summit on Mount Hood. All of the profile below minus about a hundred yards is included on that page. The point described here is also part of a completely paved ride around Mount Hood

1.(1450ft,mile00.0)START-END EAST: jct US26 - Lolo Pass Rd
2.(2520ft,mile06.1)jct with FR39 Kiwani's Camp Rd on left
3.(3760ft,mile10.4)profile takes left turnoff to Government Campurns left away from US26
4.(3990ft,mile11.6)route rejoins US26
5.(4030ft,mile11.8)TOP: jct with Timberline Hwy to Timberline Lodge
6.(3410ft,mile16.3)START-END WEST: low point on US26 before climbing to Wapinitia Pass

Approaches (see the Timberline Lodge s(u): Mount Hood page


A Dayride with this point as intermedate summit is on page Bennett Pass.