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FR58 Klickitat Rd s(u)

Much of this forest route is paved, but not enough to call it a paved road. There is no old growth forest along this road, as in my previous rides through Elliott State Forest. Instead this is a great way to escape coastal traffic. But it gets away from the coastal scenery too. There are several more direct approaches from the south than the one in the profile below.

Apparently there is also a Cummins Creek Road with a bikable trail that joins FR55 partways up the northern approach.

01.(20ft,mile00.0)START-END SOUTH: jct US101 - FR57 Big Creek Rd
02.(1130ft,mile08.5)FR57 Big Creek Road ends onto paved FR58
03.(1780ft,mile10.2)intermediate top on FR58
04.(1240ft,mile13.9)intermediate low point, immediately after jct with FR5130
05.(1560ft,mile16.1)profile stays left at jct with FR3700
07.(1760ft,mile19.9)intermediate low point
08.(2080ft,mile21.1)intermediate top on FR55 Cummins Peak Rd
09.(130ft,mile29.9)FR55 Cummins Peak Rd terminates onto US101
10.(110ft,mile29.9)START-END NORTH)low point on US101, just north of Cape Perpetua visitor center


From South. The dirt road up Big Creek does not pick up in slope until it crosses the creek and starts a single meander up the north slope. When it meets FR58 it becomes an immaculately paved road. But - bummeroni - it doesn't last. Shortly before the first summit point on FR58 this becomes a fairly rough gravel road, for Oregon standards. But after the jct with FR37 pavement starts up again. Much to my surprise the road started climbing again too. I thought the summit was long gone behind me. But it was still 500ft above - not that it looked any different, fairly uniform age forest the whole way.

From North. US101 is little more than a dozen miles away from the top, but you would never guess this. There is not as much as the hint of an ocean view from up here. Just when I was racing downhill for a clearing ahead, thinking this is the ocean view at last - it was a clear cut instead, big enough to contain a midsized city, with enough rotting lumber left in it to construct one. But at least there was a far view of some kind from this point, the first one on the entire ride. The surface on the downhill alternates many times between dirt and pavement. The junction with US101 comes as a complete surprise, so does the traffic, and during my ride the drop in temperature into the fog, the change in scenery, trees, and general everything.




( < Camp Creek Rd - BLm25-7-5.1 | Fairview Mountain Road s(u) > )
FR58 Klickitat Rd s(u), FR55 Cummins Peak Road s(u)-sh? , FR58 Saddle Montain s(u)-sh? : lower part of Big Creek Rd (near Roosevelt Beach) > up Big Creek Rd > FR58 north > FR58 Saddle Mountain (s-sh?) > FR55 north > FR55 Cummins Peak s(u) <> out and back to Yachats with detours around town >> US101 south > Big Creek Rd back to starting point: 48.8miles with 4950ft of climbing in 4:44hrsw (VDO MC1.0 m5:31.8.4)
Notes: The loop includes the coastal US101 scenery too