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US30 historical: Chanticlear Point(sh)

Following historical US30 east means following a road that was designed with aesthetics in mind, very different from today's modern roads. You immediately notice the rock railings, that would never fit into the picture of a road with a recent budget. That and many other things make this road a joy to ride on a bicycle. This little summit has two great view points. Here, what man built, really harmonizes with what nature built.

1.(190ft,mile00.0)START-END WEST: Dabney State Rec Area, Troutdale
2.(860ft,mile05.5)Chanticlear Point overlook
3.(900ft,mile06.0)TOP: jct with East Larch Mtn Rd on right
4.(660ft,mile06.8)Vista House
5.(110ft,mile12.6)START-END EAST: low point on historical US30, just west of I84 Bridal Veil exit


From West. The profile follows historical US30 (this is a different road than US30 in most places) from Troutdale east. This is a really mellow climb through woods, with one Mount Hood sighting from near the Corbett High School. Near the summit , but before the first viewpoint, is a junction with an an optional much steeper approach to this route via Corbett Road. But to get to lower start of Corbett Road, you have ride on I84 to exit 22, legal but noisy.

Following along the almost suburban top of the plateau, the route on the profile passes what was for me the nicest view point of the western Columbian Gorge: Chanticlear Point. The view stretches west  to the other obligatory stop on this route, a pavilion like structure, perched on a rock above the Columbia: Vista House. Below it, vertical rocks lead to a blue surface with choppy white waves. Beacon Rock, a free standing rocky mountain on the other side of the Columbina, makes the exlamation mark in the landscape. Another reason this place makes such a harmonic appearance is the way the view point and its surrounding construction, consisting of monuments, stone railings and landscaping is structured. It seems to be a place where nobody cannot smile when they have their picture taken.

Past the viewpoint, the road reaches its highest point near the turnoff up Larch Mountain Road.

From East. The second view point is quickly reached. It is on the opposite side of the road where you would expect to be. The inside contains a number of interesting history tidbits about the historic Columbia Highway. The road quickly enters dense forest. A number of old bridges with interesting stone work and waterfalls give more reasons (not excuses) to stop. One that I enjoyed particularly, and pictures are included here is the maybe 100ft long trail into Sheppard's Dell.

The profile continues to Bridal Veil State Park, also a junction with US30 and I84.

Dayride with this point as highest summit:

( < US30 Rowena Crest(sh) | FR99 Bear Meadow s(u) > )
US30 (historical): Chanticlear Point(sh) , Corbett Road - US30 (historical) (sh): Herman Creek Road near Lyle <> US30 historical route using bike path whenever possible west <> Cascade Locks <> Bonnevlille <> Multinomah Faools <> Bridal Veil State Park >> closed loop: I84 west > up Corbett Road > Corbett Road - US 30 (historical)(sh) > US30 historical west > Troutdale with detours > US30 historical east > US30(historical): Chanticlear Point(sh) > back to Bridal Veil State Park >> back to starting point: 84.7miles with 4690ft of climbing in 6:38hrs (VDo MC1.0 r2:13.8.20).