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Buck Creek Road/ Lindy Bridge Road s(u)

The Oregon Coastal forest is an amazing sight. I now have a whole photo series just of moss covered trees spanning small streams, slowly trickling along, far removed from sunlight. But the most surprising thing to me about this route is still the fact, that the entire road surface of the profile below is paved, and at the same time cars are an endangered species on this road. But we don't need to worry, there are still plenty wild cars roaming neaby Or38 along the Umpqua River. - All pictures on this page are taken on section between points 3 and 6.

1.(60ft,mile00.0)START-END WEST: jct Or38-Loon Lake Rd
2.(230ft,mile05.00)route turns left onto Camp Creek Rd
3.(390ft,mile11.6)profile turns left onto Soup Creek Rd
5.(1390ft,mile16.4)profile turns left onto Lindy Bridge Rd
6.(570ft,mile20.1)START-END EAST ALTERNATE: jct Lindy Bridge Rd - Camp Creek Rd - Little Camp Creek Rd
7.(940ft,mile21.8)Little Camp Creek Rd s(u)
8.(120ft,mile25.5)START-END EAST: jct Sawyer CreeK Rd - Henderer Rd


From North. The profile starts at the jct of Loon Lake (or Mill Creek) Road with Or38. This is upstream on the Umpqua River from Reedsport. Compared with Or38, this is the first of several turnoffs that leave behind traffic, until it's all gone completely. The next turnoff to the left onto Camp Creek road further cuts donw on traffic.

On Camp Creek Road there still may be the occasional car. Next the profile takes the first paved turnoff to the right over a bridge. There are no signs at the junction, but when a sign appears signaling trees planted by Lower Umpqua schoolchildren, the turnoff is near. The route continues over a narrow one lane road. This could be a bike path somewhere. But this is an actual road, perfect for a road bike with sturdy tires.

After all this thick forest riding following streams embedded in mossy growth - surprise - this Buck Creek Road climbs after all. Another sign appears, boasting another Douglas Fir grove planted by Umpqua school children. The biggest attraction along this road are the isolated patches of old growth, mossy forest. They make a virtual spider's web on the space above the earth surface. Another sign corroborating that this is the right way appears. It labels another fork of Buck Creek, turning off to the left. ( I think prior to this is another BLM number signed fork, where I stayed left) For the finale the road really shows how it can climb. It made me walk. The road reaches the highest altitude just prior to the signed Soup Creek Road turnoff to the right.

From South. (described downwards). After a miniscule descent, the road climbs again to within 30ft of the summit. Here another paved road entering from the right soon turns to dirt. Staying left the profile continues on what is signed as Lindy Bridge Road. According to the map this point is pretty much the same elevation as the summit, but measuring it with a altimeter it was slightly lower. A fast descend on a wider road leads to a simple bridge, still it's a new vantage point onto these grown over creeks. To orient oneself it's best to start by observing which way the stream is running, then follow the road upstream and look for yet another intersection a few yards away. Here are signs that label both directions of Camp Creek Road and Little Camp Creek Road. The profile climbs Little Camp Creek Road s(u) and then descends past the jct with Bridge Rd to Henderer Road back on the Umpqua River.





( < SFR7000 Schofield Ridge Road | BLM 23-8-28: Elliot State Forest s(u) > )
Buck Creek Rd/ Lindy Creek Rd s(u) , Luchsinger Creek Road s(u) , Little Camp Creek Road s(u) , Bridge Road(sh) : .5miles south of jct Loon Lake rd (Mill Creek Rd) - Or38 > up Or38 > up Camp Creek Road > up Buck Creek Rd > Buck Creek Road/ Lindy Bridge Rd s(u) > down Lindy Bridge Rd > up Little Camp Creek Rd > Little Camp Creek Rd s(u) > jct with Bridge Rd <> out and back to jct with Henderson Rd > Bridge Road(sh) > down north side of Lutsinger Creek Road to turnaround point at Umpqua River << back up north side of Lutsinger Creek Road > Lutsinger Creek Road s(u) > down Camp Creek Road > back to starting point: 65.4miles with 4500ft of climbing in 5:53hrs (VDO MC1.0 m5:13.7.29).
Notes: the turnaround point at the bottom of Luchsinger Creek Road s(u) was not planned, but the result of a missing bridge across the creek. The planned ride would have come back to starting point via the south side of the Umpqua River. This ride was completely paved until the turnoff onto Bridge Road. An all paved similar loop would instead go downstream on Henderson Road and return on the north side of the Umpqua River via Or38.