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BLM 23-8-28/36.1: Elliot State Forest(sh)

The Elliot State Forest seems like it's just made for road biking. This profile follows one of the principal thoroughfares through the forest, Camp Creek Road. On this orad I saw less than 5 cars, but probably more than 5 million trees. Pictures on this page were taken on the lower section of Camp Creek Road. That road can lead to many other summit points. Also: to approach this summit you do not have to use that part of the road in the pictures.

1.(60ft,mile00.0)START-END WEST: jct Or38-Loon Lake Rd
2.(230ft,mile05.00)route turns left onto Camp Creek Rd
3.(390ft,mile11.6)jct with Buck Creek Rd on lef
4.(570ft,mile18.7)jct Camp Creek Rd - Lindy Bridge Rd - Little Camp Creek Rd
5.(620ft,mile19.2)jct with BLM 23-8-36.1 (google maps designation) road on left
6.(2100ft,mile26.7)confusing ridge top intersection: Camp Creek Rd - BLM25-7-5.1 and others; profile goes left
8.(620ft,mile33.4)START-END EAST: same as point 5


From West. This profile follows all of Camp Creek. Along the way are tempting turnoffs into forest tunnels: Buck Creek Road, Otter Creek road and others. Many types of forest are visible from the saddle. But the mossy vegetation enveloping Camp Creek on the lower and middle stretches are the most fascinating. The climbing does not really start till after the junction with Lindy Bridge Road. This turnoff is labeled, but you have to look closely.

After the main climb the road arrives at a function of four paved roads. Continuing straight would also lead downhill,while both left and right turns seem to go uphill The profile turns left along labeled BLM 23-8-28, although the de Lorme Gazeteer maps label this as 23-8-36, while Google Maps labels it BLM 25-7-5.1. The road quickly crests in the forest. As an aside, the road to the right (also BLM24-8-28) goes to a higher elevation (BLM23-8-28): Elliot State Forest s(u))

From South. (described downwards) There must be a valley below there somewhere in the trees, one hast to imagine but you can't see it. There are numerous labeled paved turnoffs. After a while a sign informs me that I was now on BLM22-19-18.0 Luchsinger Creek Rd. Again none of the labels on Google Maps correspond to this.  My ride, following the route that seemed the most traveled, lead me back down to Camp Creek Road. The junction at the bottom labels this as going up Smith Ridge Road 83-9-13.1


scenes along Camp Creek Road and BLM 23-8-28 on upper right



( < Buck Creek Road s(u) , Camp Creek Road /BLM 25-7-5.1 s(u) > )
BLM 23-8-28: Elliot State Forest , Buck Creek /Lindy Bridge Road s(u) , Buck Creek Road via Soup Creek Road(sh) , additional out and back: short distance south of jct Camp Creek Rd - Loon Lake Rd > up Camp Creek Rd > up Buck Creek Rd > Buck Creek Rd s(u) > Ash > turnaround point Loon Lake Road at end of pavemnt << back up Soup Creek Road with several miles extra out and back, while looking for a lost lense cap > Buck Creek Rd via Soup Creek Rd(sh) > down Lindy Bridge Rd > up Camp Creek Road > up BLM 23-8-28 > BLM 23-8-28 s(u) > down Smith Ridge Rd 83-9-13.1 > down Camp Creek Road back to starting point: 64.6miles with 5030ft of climbing in 5:54hrs (r2:13.8.1).


campsite on lower Loon Lake Road