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SFR7000 Scholfield Ridge Road s(u)

This is a gravel road in Elliot State Forest. For me the most interesting part of this ride was the old growth forest on the lower approach of Umpcoos Ridge Road. All the pictures were taken there. But you can use that road also to get to other summit points.

I haven't really found any maps that map and label all of these roads correctly. In this case the MapQuest rendering has far fewer errors than the google maps version. However the profile was made with the google road traces, so there are inaccuracies in the profile.

1.(60ft,mile00.0)START-END EAST: jct Or38-Loon Lake Rd
2.(180ft,mile01.8)profile turns left onto SFR7000/7500
4.(1350ft,mile11.3)profile stays left, while right takes you back to Umpqua River
5.(670ft,mile23.0)forest road terminates onto North Lake Rd
6.(30ft,mile27.1)START-END WEST: North Lake Rd on the east end of Lakeside


From South. Just as it was a pleasure to turn off busy US101 along the Oregon Coast onto Or38 up the Umpqua River, it is again a pleasure to turn off still busy OR38 onto Mill Creek Road, heading for Loon Lake. But the next turnoff is even better. For me it was the best part of the ride. The first non-gated turnoff to the right leads up SFR7500, also labeled Umpcoos Ridge Road on maps (labeled FR7000 on google maps, but correctly labeled on map quest). The first several miles lead through moss covered old growth forest, climbing steeply up the ridge to the north. At the first major intersection, the profile turns left onto SFR7000, but still called Umpcoos Ridge Rd. Surprise - the magic is over - replaced by a clear cut. The road traverses over it. But this way you also get the first far view. It was impossible to tell this during the ride, but according to the map this seems to be the highest point on the ride.

From North. (described downwards) So far all intersections were labeled with SFR numbers, that actually did correspond to the ones on my map. The next one was the first discrepancy, and after that the signs along the road disappeared for a while all together. Umpcoos road stays right and heads down hill on SFR5100, or SFR5000 according to my map. The profile stays left and climbs a little higher on SFR2000, Scholfield Ridge.

Parts of this side seem to be more heavily graveled. Rolling along the profile does not stay on Scholfield Ridge for long, but descends on SFR2000, then 4000, a series of many short descends that are just a tiny bit longer and higher than the preceding ascent. Somewhere to the west, between those trees must be a pacific ocean, and you can imagine the boundary between the white clouds and the white sea, but I never actually saw it.

The dirt road terminates on paved North Lake Road, and signs direct to take a left turn into Lakeside.



(< Grey Butte s(u) | Buck Creek/ Lindy Creek Rd s(u) > )
SFR2000 Scholfield Ridge Road s(u) : near jct Or38 - Mill Creek Rd (also called Loon Lake Rd) > up Mill Creek Road > up SR7500 Umpcoos Ridge Rd > up SFR2000 > SFR2000 Scholfield Ridge Rd s(u) > SFR2000 south > SFR4000 west > North Lake Rd > Lakeside > US101 north with detours to the coast including Umpqua Lighthouse State Park, Oregon Dunes State Park and Winchester Bay > Reedsport > Or38 east > back to starting point: 62.9miles with 4750ft of climbing in 5:532hrs (VDO MC1.0 m5: 13.7.28)
Notes: the only cyclists I saw all were on US101, paradoxically the part of the ride with the most traffic and least scenery. But that part of the loop has a nice shoulder. Or38 does too - no rumble strips.