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US101 Cape Foulweather s(u)

There are quite a few points on the Oregon Coastal bike route that reach over 500ft (the minimum cutoff point, for me to include a page), but not so many, that are close enough to the ocean to afford a good view. This is one of them.

In order to get the minimum 500ft elevation gain the elevation profile follows a portion of US101. But following Otter Crest Loop all the way is a better bike ride.

1.(30ft,mile00.0)START-END SOUTH: Devil's Punch Bowl State Park, Otter Creek
2.(440ft,mile01.9) Cape Foulweather viewpoint
3.(mile01.9,560ft)TOP: northern Cape Foulweather turnoff on US101
4.(30ft,03.7mile)START-END NORTH: low point on beach turnoff from US101


From North. In order to give it the minimum 500ft elevation gain, I have to start the profile on a side road turnoff at Otter Rock.The highest point is the US101 turnoff to the Cape Foulweather viewpoint

From South. (described downwards).  After a scenic respite it's back to fighting the mega volume of traffic on US101. Next interesting spot along the road is Siletz Bay, where an extraordinary volume of dead wood ornaments the Siletz River.


A Dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on page: FR17 Cougar Mountain s(u)