- MTB - in order of highest altitude

FR150 summit(u): Santa Fe Ski Basin -11960ft- there is no higher point reachable by bicycle, closer to Santa Fe
FR076 summit(u): Cerro Vista -11230ft- long ride in a maze or high green ridges
Ortiz Peak summit(u) -11209(ft)- mountain on the edge of Valle Vidal, across from the highest mountain in New Mexico
Lagunita Saddle -10780(10510)ft- deep gravel and torn up atb trails in places, but a named saddle
Osha Pass -9830(ft)- speculation has it that this pass shares in the history of nearby historic Palo Alto Pass
Manning Canyon summit(u) -5030(ft)- low dessert ridge crossing near the mexican border
FR437 summit(u): Sangre de Cristo mtns -10000ft- dirt road in green Sangre de Cristo Mtns with many day tour options
Baylor Pass -6350ft - hiking trail, parts of which also makes a good single track ride in the spectacular Organ Mountains

-PAVED- in order of highest altitude

Holman Hill summit -9469ft- a verdant, deeply forested climb in the Sangre de Cristo mnts.
Palo Flechado Pass -9101(ft)- this Rocky Mountain crossing goes back to before spanish colonial times
NM244 summit(u): Cloudcraft area -8990(ft)- huge climb, and when you get to the top: forest
US Hill summit -8542ft- New Mexcio can be as green as Appalachia, and this pass is an example
Emory Pass -8228ft- probably the most appreciated, paved cycling pass in New Mexico
Glorieta Pass -7580ft- a national historic park waits near the top to tell the story of this pass
Abo Pass - 5750(5440)ft- low dessert crossing already used by Anasazi Indians
San Agustin Pass -5719(ft)- a four lane highway east of Las Cruces that can be crossed with a bicycle on the shoulder

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