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Rides over Vail Pass

Organized Rides

coppertriangle.com: noncompetitive road tour, benefiting the Davis Phinney foundation - 78 miles - starts in Copper Mountain.

Vail Pass is also part of the "Triple Bypass" ride, put on by Team Evergreen. It also goes over Squaw Pass, Juniper Pass and Loveland Pass.

Personal Rides

Dayride with this point as highest summit:


( < | Fremont Pass > )

Vail Pass x2 : eastern Frisco exit <> Copper Mountain <> Vail Pass << turnaround point where bike path is directly next to I70 before underpass: 37.0miles with 2230ft of climbing in 2:52hrs (VDO MC1.0 r4:15.6.15)
Notes: first "get out of Denver and get going ride" on this camping trip.

-----------------no elevation measured----------------

P1-1: same summit points: Frisco <> Copper Mountain <> Vail Pass <> Vail: 53miles (mech Odo m1:95.07.29)

Dayride on a Two day tour with this point as highest summit


Vail Pass: New Castle > Glenwood Springs > Avon > Vail > Vail Pass > Copper Mountain: 104 miles (no measured time or altitude (r2:7.10.4  dr26_6-9).

A Day on a Three Day tour with this point as highest summit:

(<Trout Creek Pass|Hoosier Pass>)

Vail Pass, Tennessee Pass , Battle Hill Summit : Leadville > Tennesee Pass > Battle Hill Summit > Minturn > Vail > Vail Pass > Frisco: 72miles (mech Odo m1:92.6.20)
Notes: probably includes extra miles around town. See first pass in list for overview of all three days.

Dayrides with this point as intermediate summit are on pages:

Shrine Pass
Fremont Pass

Dayrides with this point as shoulder point are on pages:

Kokomo Pass
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