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Utah Summits and Passes in Detail
(ordered very roughly by popularity)


Alpine Loop Road Summit - 8030ft - paved Ut92 from Provo Canyon to American Fork Canyon; it's a little bit like a pass road in the alps.
North Ogden Pass - 6220ft - This pass may seem higher than it really is, partly because you can see so far over the Salt Lake Valley.
Ut313 Island in the Sky s(u) - this is the highest point for several paved and unpaved routes in Canyonlands National Park, including the Jughandle Loop ride
Huntington Canyon/ Fairview Canyon s(u) - 9980ft - late snow, far views, and many ways to get to the top besides the principal paved approaches
Bald Mountain Pass - 10715ft - highest paved road pass in the Rocky Mountains, outside of Colorado
Ut12 Boulder - Capitol Reef Summit - 9591ft - It is fun to listen to stories of cycle tourists discovering this monumental hill by accident. It's a shame to spoil the surprise here. Oh well.
Ut12 Henrieville - Escalante s(u) - 7582ft - another point on Ut12; this much lower summit is below the cliffs of Powell Point
Sardine Summit - 5868ft - a busy four lane road between Cache Valley and Salt Lake Valley
Clay Hills Pass - 5570ft - traffic is really not a problem on this peaceful, solitary ride through the dessert on the way to Lake Powell
Ut24 Summit: Loa - jct Ut62 - 8410ft - a ride on the windswept plateau above Captiol Reef National Monument


Burro Pass - 11170 - A popular downhill summit in the La Sal Mountains near Moab; I did it as an uphill summit
Kokopelli Trail m88 s(u) - , very rough, easternmost La Sal Mountains summit of the well known bicycle trail.
Kokopelli Trail m114 s(u) - 8560ft - highest point on the well known MTB trail above Fisher Valley and Castleton
FR129 Geyser Pass s(u) - 10700ft - three roads meet on Geyser Pass, east of Moab. But one of them, FR129, goes higher than the pass itself.
Mineral Bottom Road(sh) - - this is the highest point for several canyon approaches in Canyonlands National Park, including the White Rim Trail/Road.
Guardsman Pass - 9710ft - steep dirt road with a dramatic entrance into the Salt Lake Valley.
Hell's Backbone Canyon s(u) - 9160ft - the summit is an unusual bridge overlooking two separate canyons
FR249 Star Point s(u) - 10046ft - a ride to some radio towers on the hill - with a view
North Creek Pass - 10312ft - this is the summit of the Abajo Loop Road near Blanding

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