I was lucky enough to cross this narrow road when it was still closed
Tunnel et Col du Parpaillon unpaved, old military road, connecting two of the deepest valleys in the French Alps
Col du Tende the switchbacks are as regular as steps on a staircase; old military forts wait on top
Klammjoch remote, unpaved road between Austria and Italy
Wuerzjoch especially the narrow approach on the south side makes this interesting
Col de Solude a shelf road with steep drop offs and several dark tunnels
Cormet d'Areches an unpaved alternative to nearby Cormet de Roselend
Col de la Cayolle highest point on a three pass dayloop
D32 Utelle s(u) the highest point is a medieval hilltown with great views
Col de la Croix de Fere a popular Tour de France pass
Col d'Illoire s(u) highest point on south side of Canyon du Verdun