-Antelope Pass -UNP-(8050ft): Laramie Hills; dirt road between Tie Siding and I80. Road follows UP railroad between Hermosa and Dale Creek. This road also crosses the old historical Shermann Hill Summit. In these shallow sage hills wind is often the primary challenge.
-Baldy Pass -PVD- (9430ft): Bighorn Range; not the highest, but the steepest and hardest of Bighorn passes because of the western approach from Lovell.

-Battle Lake Pass -PVD- (9955ft): paved Wyo70 over forested Sierra Madre Range between Riverside/ Encampment and Savery. This is a very remote road, but now completely paved, also called Battle Pass

-Beartooth Pass -PVD- (10940ft): Beartooth Highway between Red Lodge (Mt) and Cooke City (Mt).

-Birdseye Pass (6993ft): dirt road/ double track trail over Owl Creek Mtns between Boysen Reservoir (4890ft) and Thermopolis (4085ft).

-BLM3328 Miller Creek Rd - south(sh) -UNP-(8170ft): an alternate route to the Great Divide Bicycle Touring route - south of Rawlins; the top is also on the Continental Divide Trail.

-BLM3422 Hydrology Rd s(u) -UNP-(8110ft) this road follows the Continental Divide for a while; connects Middlebury Hill on the CD bike touring route to Saratoga.

-Bridger Pass (7620ft): Jim Bridger's route was an important part of Overland Route, that replaced the Oregon Trail eventually.
-Cache La Poudre Pass -PVD- (apr. 8000ft): historical name for US285 between Laramie (7200ft) and Fort Colllins (Co), rolling Front Range foothills. Summit is just south of Tie Siding.

-Cheyenne Pass -UNP- (8591ft): Laramie Hills; partially paved Happy Jack Road between Cheyenne and Sherman Hill Summit. From there Telephone Canyon descends into Laramie.

-Craig Pass -PVD- (8260ft): geographically muddled CD crossing in Yellowstone National Park. By appearance indistinguishable from other points along the road. The pass is remarkable for its confusing geography. The road crosses from Atlantic to Pacific watersheds while going west to east.

-CR3 Hazelton Rd northern summit s(u) -UNP- (8490ft): Bighorn Mountains; good unpaved road south of Powder River Pass

-CR27 Aspen Mtn Rd(sh) -UNP- (8260ft): antennas served with high dessert and a side of higher dessert

-CR67 Slip Rd northern summit s(u) -UNP- (8285ft): southern Bighorn Mountains; remote ranching road with steep grades

-CR67 Slip Rd southern summit s(u) -UNP-(8200ft): the east side contains the most and steepest switchbacks of any Wyoming road that I know - I walked most of it.

-CR291 Seminoe-Alcova Scenic Byway northern summit s(u) (6900ft): this long remote road connects Rawlins with Alcova Reservoir; great far views onto the Pedro Mountains and other Great Basin ranges.

-CR409 Pathfinder Rd(sh) (6360ft): the access road to Pathfinder Reservoir descends into an interesting small canyon of the North Platte River.

-CR505 Casper Mountain Rd - Circle Dr s(u) -UNP- (7990ft): Laramine Mountains. The north side is probably the most popular paved cycling climb in Wyoming. But the south side is a dirt road. That's why it's listed here.

-CR752-CR501 Brown's Hill s(u) -UNP-(7840ft): a point on the Savery Stock Driveway, that was used to herd sheep between Wyoming's Red Dessert and Colorado's Park Range.

-Cutler Hill s(u) -PVD- (8340ft): the eastern approach to Granite Pass and Baldy Pass in the Bighorn Mountains
D -Dead Indian Pass -PVD- (8048ft): Chief Joseph Highway over Absaroka Mtns between Cody area and Cooke City (Mt).
F -Foxpark Divide -PVD- (9142ft): Wy230 crosses foothills of Mecine Bow mountains between Wood's Landing and Walden (Co).

-FR10 Hunt Mountain Rd s(u) -UNP- (10020ft): Bighorn Mountains; high plateau road above Shell Canyon, connecting Granite Pass and Baldy Pass.

-FR17 Paintrock Rd s(u) -UNP- (9450ft): west of Shell; access to remote points in the Bighorn Mtns; can be combined with the Red Dessert north of Shell, which looks like Utah transplanted to the north.

-FR168 Freezeout Rd s(u) -UNP-(8100ft): Bighorn Mtns west of Dayton; impossibly steep walk on lower east side, but interesting summit area away from the heat.

-FR401 Sage Creek Rd s(u) -UNP-(8100ft): a broad and windy Continental Divide Crossing of the Great Divide Bicycle Touring route

-FR543 South Spring Creek s(u) -UNP-(9520ft): a forest traverse in the Sierra Madre above Encampment

-FR550 Hog Park - Red Dirt Park s(u) -UNP- (9250ft): road through dense forest and parks; on southern border to Colorado

-FR830 Deep Jack Th s(u) -UNP-(9180ft): a point in the Sierra Madre Range, above the Great Divide Mountain Bike touring route.
-Grand Targhee Ski Area summit(u) -UNP- (9840ft): ski in the winter - bike in the summer. ... Sike in fall, and Bki during spring. Great Teton views from the summit during all seasons

-Granite Pass -PVD- (8950ft): Bighorn Range; US14 between Shell and Ranchester; has been part of RAW, the Ride Across Wyoming.
-Morton Pass (apr.7300ft): Laramie Hills, between Bosler (apr. 7000ft) and Wheatland (apr. 5000ft), 65 miles. Barely discenible grade on Bolser (west) side, and windswept inclined plains instead of mountains; also called Sybille Pass in Spraque's book "The Great Gates". Does not have a 500ft drop on the east side.

-Muddy Mountain Rd s(u) -UNP-(8290ft): Laramie Mtns north of Casper; good dirt road leads to a high forested plateau with an organized campground
-Powder River Pass -PVD- (9666ft): Bighorn Range; US16 between Buffalo and Tensleep; double summit also goes over Muikress Pass (9500ft). Canyon and badlands on Tensleep side; has been part of RAW, the Ride Across Wyoming.

-Powder River Pass eastern summit s(u) -PVD- (8380ft): the top of the Bighorn Mtns are mostly a rolling plateau, so that the two climbs on US14 are separated by a drop greater than 500ft.
S -Salt River Pass  -PVD- 7610ft): low pass between Montpelier, Idaho and Smoot, Star Valley Wyoming.

-Separation Peak s(u) -UNP- (8470ft): this is the southern point where the Continental Divide splits into the Atlantic Rim and Pacific Rim; the scenically most interesting bicycle tour in Rawlins area.

-Sherman Hill Summit -UNP- (8235ft): Laramie Hills; I80 crosses 1 mile northwest of old historic summit. The historic summit can be reached by a 1 mile dirtroad detour. This was the highest point on the Union Pacific section of the first transcontinental railroad.

-Snowy Range Pass -PVD- (10847ft): Wy130 between Laramie and Saratoga over Medicine Bow Range.

-Teton Pass -PVD- (8431ft): There is only one paved road across the Teton Range. It has a well hidden bike trail on one side, and is the biggest paved climb in the Yellowstone region.

-Tisdale Divide -PVD- (5320ft): low historical divide in the Powder River Basin
U -Union Pass (9210ft): long dirt road between US26 near Du Noir (Dubois area), and Wy352 about 25 miles north of Pinedale; runs north-south west of Wind River Range. Crossed by Hunt's Astorians in 1811 and was the cause of much confusion for its compilcated drainages during fur trapper days.
W White Mtn Rd via Rock Springs(sh) -UNP- extremely steep approach to Wild Horse Loop road.

Wild Horse Loop s(u) -UNP- (7580ft) - road following scenic rim above Green River and Rock Springs

-Wy70 Battle Lake Pass Rd-FR801 Deep Creek Rd s(u) -UNP-(8270ft): highest point on the Battle Lake Road, that is also on the Great Divide Bicycle Touring route.