Col de Bleine

I think this is one of the nicer passes in this area of many nice small to medium sized passes. It is reasonable to think of the Clue de Greolieres as part of the southern approach and the Clue Auban as the lowest part of the western approach. These two gorges may well be considered the most scenic part of a ride over the pass. But you can also ride loops through these canyons without going over the pass. The Clue der Greolieres shoulder summit has its own page. The pictures on this page were taken on approaches close to Col de Bleine summit, located beween points 4 and 6.

1.(00.0km,178m) START-END EAST ALT: near jct:Route de Gorges- Route de Grasse, north of Le Bar sur Loup
2.(10.7km,668m) Route de Coursegoules and Col de Vence joins from right
3.(13.5km,828m) START-END EAST: Greolieres
4.(24.3km,1163m) right turn to Col de Bleine
5.(28.7km,1439m) TOP: Col de Bleine
6.(33.8km,1130m) START-END WEST: road on right goes to Col Pinpinier
7.(41.1km,1028m) start of Clue Auban
8.(42.5km,959m) end of Clue Auban
9.(43.6km,903m) START-END WEST ALT: road crosses l"Esteron


From North. The description starts at point 3. The Clue de Greolieres climbs above the town of the same name, passing 3 tunnels, including one that looks like a natural double arch. It crests on a forested plateau. The intersection with Col de Bleine and Col Castellaras is signed as part of the "bucles d'Azure" bicycle route. Col de Bleine itself is forested on top. But there is a really good view reaching to the "Mercantour Park" part of the alps just north of the summit.

Col de Bleine, view
                                    from summit to the north
looking north from Col de Bleine

From South.
(described downwards) many forested long switchbacks descend to the old town of Ste Auban. The Clue de Auban is a very short slot canyon that should not be missed. It's short enough that it is easily done as an out and back add-on.

 Col de Bleine near summit


Col de Bleine , Col Castellaras , Col de Cornille , Col Bas : Greolieres > up Clue de Greolieres > D2 east > Col de Bleine > St-Auban <> out and back to end of clue de St Auban >> Lattes > (col deLattes?) > Valderoure > Col Bas > Andon  >> closed loop over Col de Cornille > Gaille > Andon >> Col Castellaras > down Clue de Greolieres > sp

The last sumit point with different start and end points on this Extended Tour is: D2 Clues de Greolieres - Plan du Peyron(sh)


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