Col Bas

This pass is about as small as they come. When connecting this summit to points at sealevel on the coast, using paved roads only, the route must go over higher or nearly as high points. Consequently the profile is tiny, compared to other coastal summits.
1.(00.0km,1046mm) START-END NORTH ALT: low spot on D2211, just east of Malamaire
2.(06.0km,1084m) START-END NORTH: profile turns left onto D80
3.(07.9km,1199m) TOP: Col Bas
4.(11.3km,1099m) START-END SOUTH: jct D79 - D81, south of Caille


From South. Just to show, that it really is fairly difficult to make this climb any bigger, the profile starts on a low spot on D211. East of Valderroure ( no stores, no park, not even a picnic/park bench ). Soon a "Boucles d'Azure" bicycle route sign points up to the right. There is a nice view of the valley from one of the few switchbacks (left picture below)

From North. (described downwards) The descent is even smaller. Caille lies stretched out in a thin line below a triangular mountain, like a finger reaching out into the verdant green valley. Here too, I couldn't find any stores or benches for a picnic lunch.


A Dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on the page: Col de Bleine

The last summit point with different start and end points on this Extended Tour is: D2 Clues de Greolieres - Plan du Peyron(sh)

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