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WHEN YOU GO ON A BIKE TOUR, things happen. You see new things. You ride through new towns, new states, maybe new countries and continents. You travel new roads. You taste new food. You learn new habits, you appreciate new architecture, experience new reasons for new joy and new anger.  You meet new acquaintances, shopkeepers, people who help in need, people who send you in the wrong direction. Or you get to know old acquaintances in new ways. Your touring partner all of a sudden appears in a totally new, before unseen light. - The weather is always a happening thing.  You get soaked by the rain, burned by the sun, snowed on perhaps ? At the very least those wheels keep on spinning - unless they break down - which is quite a happening in itself. This page is dedicated to all those happenings - and others. Oldest entries are listed first. The newest entries are on Page 2. You'll find more descriptions of shorter bicycle rides in the section pass/summit cycling pages section.

Trukee, California to La Paz, Mexico : A tour through Southern California, USA and Baja California, Mexico (2400 miles during the Fall of 1996)
tour map

American and Mexican California

Athens, Greece to Bremen, Germany : This tour starts out in the opposite direction towards several Cycladic Islands. It continues around the Peloponnese, and proceeds through Italy, Austria, and Germany (4200 miles during the Spring of 1999). Martin Wittram also translated a part of this into German. There's a link to his other pages from my links page.
tour map
1. Greece
2. Italy
3. Austria, Germany Part 1
4. Germany Part 2

Nogales, Mexico to Canyonlands, Utah : This is a vehicle supported tour, with me as the only rider and the sag wagon driver. I'll explain how that works. This collection of bicycle rides stretch in connected lines and circles through Arizona and Southern Utah (2500 miles during the Winter/Spring of 2002)
tour map
1. Arizona Part 1
2. Arizona Part 2, Southern Utah

Grand Junction, Colorado to Eureka, Montana : Another solo vehicle supported bikeride. This one connects Western Colorado with corners of Utah and Idaho, stretching through Wyoming and Montana  (3600 miles during the summer of 2002) 
tour map
1. Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming Part 1
2. Wyoming Part 2, Montana Part 1
3. Montana Part  2

Iberian Peninsula to the German Baltic Coast : The route is as follows : Lisbon, Portugal, Gibraltar, Andalucia, Castilla La Mancha, Aragon, Pyrenees, French Alps, Northern Italy, Swiss Alps, Germany (5200 miles during Spring, Summer of 2003)
tour map
1. Portugal                           picture page: Portugal
2. Andalucia (Spain) Part 1      picture page: Spanish hilltowns
3. Andalucia (Spain) Part 2      picture page : Alp crossings
4. Eastern Spain, Southern France
5. Alps (parts of France, Italy, Switzerland)
Appendix: route and milages
The last part of this tour through Germany is described in the Deutsche Version.