Cedar Breaks summit(u)

The extraordinary road cresting at Cedar Breaks National Monument is not an officially named summit. It is however located closely to the named and signed Mammoth Summit. The most convenient way to approach Cedar Breaks is over the signed summit. But it is not a necessary condition, and therefore Cedar Breaks is considered here as a separate summit. Oddly enough Mammoth Summit is not the highest point on the route over it, no matter how you approach it.

The route to Cedar Breaks via Mammoth Summit is steep, long and high, or just plain old big summit, located in the Markagunt Plateau east of Cedar City. This is especially true for the northern approach via Main Canyon (that's a name). The road continues a little higher from the marked Mammoth Summit to the National Monument, where a number of high overlooks onto pink cliffs wait for the exhausted cyclist.

01.(5340ft,mile00) START-END NORTH: Parowan
02.(7700ft,mile08) Dry Lakes dirt road leaves on right
03.(9770ft,mile13) Brian Head ski area
04.(10418ft,mile16) Mammoth Summit and dirt turnoff to Brian Head Mountain on left
05.(10568ft,mile17) paved turnoff to Panguitch Lake on left
06.(10580ft,mile17) TOP
07.(10340ft,mile21) Point Supreme in Cedar Breaks National Monument
08.(9770ft,mile25) junction with Ut14. Profile continues right
09.(9900ft,mile26) Cedar Canyon summit
10.(5850ft,mile42) START-END SOUTH: Cedar City


From North. Seven miles after leaving Parowan, you look around from the saddle and conclude that the scenery hasn't changed much, even though it certainly feels like you have been riding uphill. Turning around to look back brings verification that you have been climbing. You are now close to even with the top of the reddish foothills east of Parowan. Cars coming down from the summit are accompanied by a strong brake pad stink. This is one way to gauge the overall size and steepness of an approach, and using this nose method there still is a lot of climbing ahead. After an extended steep section a new piece of scenery comes into sight, the developments of the Brian Head ski area. "Reserve your condo now - starting at $400 000" demands a billboard. - Most certainly, what else could I do with 400 000 dollars than give it to the developers of cardboard housing ? Just let let me ride to this top first ! Contained in the featureless, unimaginative architecture are also a bicycle rental next to an ATV rental business, advertising side by side in apparently peaceful coexistence. By now the smell of descending brake pads has diminished substantially. But it is still noticeable. There is breathtaking scenery along this route, and I don't just mean smelly brakepads but beautifully breathtaking. But you have to work for it. The attractions are all located on the very top. A large, sweeping S curve, now climbing steeply again, brings the cyclist near the top of the ski lifts, and Brian Head Mountain. The road travels out onto the plateau and passes a summit sign stating 10400ft, just before the split of Ut148 to Cedar Breaks and Ut143 to Panguitch. Continuing on Ut148, the road climbs further, beyond the summit so to speak, and abruptly delivers the exhausted cyclist to an edge of the world type overview onto the pink cliffs of Cedar Breaks.National Monument. Several overlooks follow in quick succession at the same or slightly higher altitudes, making the exact placement of the summit difficult.

From South. The approach is described in a downward direction. A short traverse through Aspen forest, followed by a few sweeping curves, deliver the rider to the junction with Cedar Canyon summit, just east of its top. The profile shows the descent on that route into Cedar City.




Cedar Breaks s(u) , Cedar Canyon Summit , additional out ad back: Ut14, Navajo Lakes area > Ut14 west > Cedar Canyon Summt > Cedar City > roads parallel to I15 north east > Parowan > Ut148 south > Cedar Breaks s(u) > Ut14 east back to starting point in Navajo Lakes area: 86 miles with 6800ft of climbing in 7 hours (m3:06.09.29).
Notes: this is a loop with an out and back from a campsite. The out and back consists of 15 miles and 700ft of climbing and is included in the total.

( < Hancock Rd s(u) | Kolob Terrace s(u) > )

Cedar Breaks s(u) , jct Ut143 - Mammoth Creek Rd(sh) , jct Ut14 - Mammoth Creek Rd(sh)  , additional out and back: apr jct FR63 Stout Canyon - Ut14 > Ut14 west > turnoff to Cedar Breaks NM <> out and back to summit of Cedar Canyon Summit >> Ut148 north > Cedar Breaks s(u) > Ut143 east > jct Ut143 - Mammoth Creek Rd(sh) <> out and back on Ut143 to Panguitch Lake > Mammoth Creek Rd south > jct Ut14 - Mammoth Creek Rd(sh) > Ut14 east back to starting point: 69.7miles with 6140ft of climbing in 6:41hrs (garmin etrex30 r4:19.10.10)
Notes: very cold and windy

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