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Hancock Summit

Nv375 is one of those wonderful roads, that does not really connect big or even medium sized centers of population. It winds through the dessert as dictated by the landscape, in a macro kind of way. There are still stretches of 10 to 15miles without turns. But there are significant changes in direction between these long straight sections. All this spells little car traffic and great cycling conditions - and it is even paved and does not have rumble strips. Did I mention the outlandish dessert scenery ? November must be one of the best months here.

1.(00.0m,3800ft) START-END EAST: jct NV348-US93 Crystal Springs
2.(12.1m,5610ft)TOP: Hancock Summit
3.(20.0m,4520ft)START-END WEST: low point in Tikaboo Valley at jct with Mailbox Rd


From East.
In Crystal Springs we can say goodbye to truck traffic and rumble strips: good riddance. The profile starts at the jct with Nv375, named the Extraterrestrial Highway. Amongst the businesses trying to cash in on this reputation, is a Beef Jerkey shop, offering extraterrestrial jerkey. The common sonic booms from practicing airforce jets and the corkscrew shaped jet trails from the same probably don't hurt the reputation either. In the cycling reality department, a sign anounces no gas for 150 miles. A historic marker tells, amongst other things, of how Crystal Spring once wanted to establish a separate county, but lacked enough population. - Several slide, wide turns zero in on a low gap in the range, that appears very gentle from this side. The climb too is gentle and the light is best just before sunset.

From West. Even if the road doesn't make a single degree of turn, once the road has zeroed in on the valley, it becomes apparent, that this is the scenic side. The reason for this is the Pahrangat Range, which has a decidedly more fault block type of appearance about it, from the vantage point here in the valley. And then there is a virtual Joshua Tree jungle in the foreground. All this thanks to different species of moths and their polinating habbits, as is explained by a BLM sign in the middle of this dessert wonderland.

The lowest point is at the junction with Mail Box Road. A well-stickered mailbox stands at the junction. This road leads the the boundary of a restricted area, known as Area 51. This is a restricted area inside Nellis Air Force Range, that has been hyped into a meeting point for UFO seekers.

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Dayride with this point as highest summit:

( < Oak Springs Summit | Pioche s(u) > )

Hancock Summit x2 , Coyote Summit x2 : ~5miles west of Crystal Springs <> Crystal Springs >> new out and back <> Nv375 west <> Hancock Summit <> Tikaboo Valley <> Coyote Summit << turnaround point at jct with dirt road ~.5miles before Rachel: 77.9miles with 4550ft of climbing in 6:17hrs
Notes: late start because I had to switch rear wheels and fix a flat; return just before sundown, perfect weather and light