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Hoosier Pass (Pike's Peak)

This second, not-so-famous Hoosier Pass is a county dirt road on Pikes Peak, between the old mining towns Victor and Cripple Creek. Pike's Peak had its own mining boom and the towns and dirt roads to prove it. Colorado has many mining towns to choose from, but me Victor is the best. It too has been gentrified, but gentrification on the slopes of Pike's Peak goes along slower than say Telluride for example. There are many other possible summit points in this area, that are not honored with an official pass name. But this point is even included on National Forest maps. 

There are many ways to approach this point. But starting somewhere at the bottom of Pikes Peak, the most obvious way is Phantom Canyon as one approach and Shelf Road as the other. The profile shows that option. Phantom Canyon / Shelf Rds(u) is a popular gravel ride.

Another longer possibility from Colorado Springs is US24 towards Ute Pass, followed by Co67 towards Cripple Creek one the north side side, and Gold Camp Road (or a variation of that) on the other side. Because of the traffic on US24 this is a much less pleasant option. But I include it, partly because I rode it once when there was much less traffic.


There are many more pictures of the Phantom Canyon and Shelf Road approaches on that page. This page has two pictures of the upper Gold Camp Rd option, and one of the summit area between Victor and Cripple Creek.

click on profile for more detail
01.(5160ft) START-END EAST ALTERNATE: Arkansas River crossing on Co67, just north of Florence
02.(5470ft) START-END EAST: start of Phantom Canyon Rd at jct US50 - Co67.
03.(6130ft) first tunnel
04.(9700ft,mile) jct: Phantom Canyon - Co67. Profile continues right on Co67
05.(10201ft) Victor Pass
06.(9890ft) profile turns left onto dirt CR82
07.(10313ft) Hoosier Pass
08.(10019ft) jct CR82 - Co67; profile continues left to Cripple Creek
09.(9460ft) Cripple Creek
10.(9400ft) profile turns off right onto Shelf Road
11.(8800ft) Aregua Gulch joins on left
12.(6990ft) site of Marigold
13.(6600ft) jct with Trail Gulch ( lower end of Shelf Road).
14.(5280ft) START-END WEST: jct US50 and what becomes Fields Ave, Canyon City.


From South-West.

After Phantom Canyon reaches pavement, just before Victor, the profile turns right instead, following Co82 away from this town. It climbs the paved road to Goldfield to the top of old historic Victor Pass. Going left at the top of the pass, back onto gravel over Cameron Rd and CR82 leads to a far view of the huge mining operation below. But there are also some nice views towards the top of Pike's Peak and especially Cripple Creek. A paved right at the top of the pass leads to another mining operation.

But - going over Victor Pass, taking the next left onto Gold Camp Loop Road will do the trick. In either case Victor Pass is only a shoulder point because the decent from it does not exceed 300ft.

From South-East.

(described downwards) To pick up Shelf Road, you travel through Cripple Creek back direction Victor. The turnoff comes immediately after exiting town. It is easy to miss because the junction is only signed with a county road number. Going down the road a 100ft or so, an informational signs verifies that you are on the right route.

The first part of this decent is a regular dirt road. But the road becomes true to its name south of the Pisgah Peak area, as it clings to the west side of a canyon. At the end of the shelf portion the road becomes paved. and descends leisurely into Canon City. More details on the Phantom Canyon - Shelf Rd page.

Dayrides with this point as highest summit:


Hoosier Pass: Woodland Park[1] > US24 west > Co67 south > Cripple Creek[2] << going back a short distance on Co67 north > CR82 east > Hoosier Pass > Gold Camp Rd east with possible variations > Colorado Springs > US24 west back to starting point: 93 miles, no elevation measured (mechanical odometer: m1.86.09.28).
Notes: this is a completely different route than the one shown on the profile. From [1] to [2] with DBTC, alone after that.

Hoosier Pass , Victor Pass: Starting at a campsite just below the first tunnel in Phantom Canyon > up Phantom Canyon > detour through Victor > Victor Pass > CR82 > Hoosier Pass > CR820 > Cripple Creek > down Shelf Rd > Canyon City >Mc Kenzie Rd > back to starting point: 70 miles with 5700ft of climbing in 6:3hours (m3:10.6.10)
Notes: this is from a time when there was much less traffic on US24 to Ute Pass.