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Colorado Cycling Passes - in detail

- PAVED - highest altitude first

Hoosier Pass -11541ft - a high connection between South Park and Breckenridge
Fremont Pass -11318ft - Fremont never crossed between Copper Mtn and Leadville. But this paved pass does.
Grand Mesa summit(u) - 10839ft - largest two sided climb in Colorado by most measurement methods, yet not an official pass.
Lizard Head Pass - 10222ft - paved San Juan pass between Telluride and Cortez
North Cochetopa Pass - 10149ft - recent highway crossing with little traffic, at least historically and relatively speaking
Blue Mesa Summit - 8704ft - a hill with history; US50 between Gunnison and Montrose
Cerro Summit -7950ft - a little appreciated but often cursed summit on US60 between Gunnison and Montrose

- MTB - highest altitude first

Fall River Pass - 12180{11797ft} - good dirt road in Rocky Mountain Pass that connects to Trail Ridge Road
Taylor Pass -11928ft - highest cyclable crossing of the Elk Mountains between Aspen and Crested Butte; unpaved, rocky doubletrack trail
Williams Pass - 11762ft - double track trail in the historic Alpine (railroad) tunnel area of the Sawatch Range (11762ft)
Grand Mesa summit(u) via Land's End Road - 10839ft - this dirt road climb up Grand Mesa meets the northern paved approach below the summit.
Mosca Pass -9740ft - trail/dirt road through the Sangre de Cristos between Sand Dunes NM and Gardner
Gill Creek Divide - 8380ft - obscure divide with unique challenges on the Uncompahre Plateau
Cerro Summit via Coal Hill -8660ft - This dirt track approach to Cerro Summit leads over a higher altitude

There are more summits and passes with descriptions linked from this page.

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