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Colorado Cycling Summits - Shoulder summits - alphabetical order

- shoulder summits are located on the way to a higher summit, but with an additional approach to that point


Surface Elevation (ft) located on shoulder of
Nearby Towns or (landmarks)
BLM8479: Gypsum Hills(sh) double track 7810ft unmarked dirt road, jct near summit Gypsum, Dotsero
Co74 Bergen Park(sh) paved 7860ft Juniper Pass Bergen Park
Co74 Kerr Gulch - Mount Vernon Canyon Canyon(sh) paved
Juniper Pass
Bergen Park
Co145 Alta Lakes turoff(sh) dirt / paved 9680ft Lizard Head Pass Telluride
Colorado Trail m139.9(sh) single track 10010 Colorado Trail m148.8(sh) (Tennessee Pass)
Colorado Trail m148.8(sh) single track 10500 Wurts Ditch Rd s(u) (Tennessee Pass)
Colorado Trail m175.7(sh) single track 10380 Colorado Trail m171.6 s(u) (Twin Lakes)
Colorado Trail m272.1(sh) single track 11238 Monarch Crest Trail s(u) Poncha Springs
CR3 -Birdseye Gulch(sh) double track bike and hike 12050ft Mosquito Pass Leadville
CR62 Steamboat Lake(sh) dirt road 8190ft Columbine Pass
CR103: Crystal Spring road(sh) paved
CR100 summit(u): Catherine Store rd Carbondale, Glenwood Springs
CR1A Cotopaxi (sh) paved 7450ft Hardscrabble Pass Cotopaxi
CR37-CR1A Mc Coy Gulch(sh) dirt road 7310ft CR1A Cotopaxi Cotopaxi
CR115 Red Canyon road m06(sh) paved/dirt road 7640ft Cottonwood Pass Glenwood Springs
CR260 Brush Hollow Rd(sh) dirt road 8860ft Hardscrabble Pass Westcliff
Deer Creek Canyon(sh) paved 7280 South Turkey Creek Rd(sh), others Tinytown, Englewood
Devil's Gulch Rd(sh) paved 7980ft Wind River Pass Drake, Glenn Haven
Douglas Mountain Drive(sh) smooth dirt/ medalled
Robinson Hill Road summit(u)
Blackhawk, Robinson Hill
FR103 Chimney Rock Rd(sh) dirt road 9950 FR700 Chimney Rock Rd s(u)
FR212 Radium - Tonopas(sh) dirt road 10113 Gore Pass Kremmling
FR611 Alder Creek - FR630 Aqua Ramon Rd(sh) jeep proad 11760ft FR630 s(u) South Fork
FR751: Ptarmingan Hill(sh) dirt road 11540ft Ptarmigan Pass (Camp Hale) Redcliff
FR800 - FR812(sh) dirt road/ jeep track 9670ft FR300 s(u) Glenwood Springs, Silt
FR811: Washington Gulch(sh) dirt road 11030ft Paradise Divide Crested Butte
FR890 Round Mtn(sh) jeep road 11780ft Burnt Mountain s(u) Bonanza
Lookout Mtn Road(sh) paved 7500ft Mount Vernon Canyon -Genesee Trail Rd(sh), others Golden
Mount Vernon Canyon - Genesee Trail Rd(sh) paved
Co 74: Bergen Park, others
Mount Vernon Country Club(sh) paved 7830ft Co74: Bergen Park, others Genesee
Mountain Base Rd(sh) unpaved 9230ft Peak to Peak Highway m15.3 s(u) (Golden Gate Park)
Phantom Canyon - Shelf Road (sh) dirt road 9760 Victor Pass Victor, Florence
Pleasant Park Road(sh) paved
US285 summit: Conifer
Red Rocks Park: Trading Post Rd(sh) paved 6290 Co9 - I70 exit(sh) Morrison
Smith Hill Road(sh) good dirt road 9050 Robinson Hill Road summit Blackhawk (Golden Gate Park)
TR898 Shady Creek(sh) double track trail 11380 FR358 s(u) Del Norte
US285-Co74:Conifer(sh) paved four lanes
US285 summit: Conifer
Wilson Mesa - Hughes Road(sh) hard medalled 9265 Wilson Mesa: WE Anderson Dr Telluride